December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott……

 With so many articles to publish, we find it difficult to attend all of the events we are invited to, but do try help with promotion as best we can and I have to say for a number of reasons, I have a soft spot for the work that Tulips, Help those With Cancer Association do and their supporters and who can forget George Roper who started the Esentepe Fun Run before his sad death from cancer.

What a year it was for EFRAR 2

Since those early days a new group of people have come together as the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble group (EFRAR) headed by their chairman Art Watson and today Friday 13th May 2016 it was great to be with them to meet and present to Tulips founder, Raziye Kocaismail a donation which was the result of so many people pulling together to try and help others and this is what Art Watson had to say:


Well – what a year it has been for EFRAR.

When we were here in May last year and presented a cheque for just over 100,000 lira we were so excited and somewhat concerned that we would ever be able to match it.

But we tackled this year’s fund raising the same as we do every year -with great determination , a fabulous committee , great support from Raziye and her team and our supporters who started work in September last year and we have only just finished.

And little did we know that-

  • A consortium of business men would donate 70,000 lira.
  • Raziye would raise a significant amount of money sponsorship money in spite of her family illness’s
  • Our sponsors would donate more money than ever before.
  • The friends of Marion Stokes who did so much to help and advise those with property issues would donate 9000 lira.
  • And finally our star of the year -14 year old Kai Fletcher who took part in EFRAR every year, would raise through personal sponsorship 19,000 lira – a remarkable achievement for one so young

All in all since we started – EFRAR has now raised over 500,00 lira for Tulips to Help Those With Cancer Association – A truly remarkable sum of money which reflects the scale of EFRAR and the confidence and trust that everyone has in our ability to deliver what we promise .This could only have been achieved by everyone working together and by giving up their personal time. It is also very satisfying to see two communities working together as again we had more Turkish Cypriots participate on the day 

Our commitment next year will be to raise even more money than this year- a tough task but that’s what we thought last year. So in the meantime let us all enjoy the moment and celebrate our success.


In celebrating with EFRAR, we should not forget all of those individual activities where so many people made their donation in time or money to help Tulips and we show just a few of those happy occasions below.

What a year it was for EFRAR



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