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KAR Pet Travel now full member of IPATA

KAR are proud to announce that KAR Pet Travel has now been accepted by IPATA (International Pet and Transport Association) as a full and active member. This follows the successful completion of the final LAR examination (with a very high pass score) by Kim Betts.IPATA logo

KAR Pet Travel service in the TRNC will now be readily accessible not only to other IPATA members but ALSO to any pet owner, pet service provider, organisation or authority ACROSS the world.

Their role as part of IPATA will now increase as they become the “TRNC Country Profilers” who will be responsible for providing information to world organisations, authorities and individuals about pet travel services and the legal requirements for all animals coming into and out of the TRNC.

Samoyeds in transit

This is the culmination of several years of very hard work by both Kim Betts and Margaret Ray in the setting up and running of KAR Pet Travel. They have both achieved respect and high regard, here and abroad, in their professional handling and organisation of all aspects of pet travel and the legislation and technicalities surrounding it. They initially had to campaign for the TRNC to be recognised as a Country in its own right before they could even be accepted as “provisional members” of IPATA.

We know that KAR Pet Travel will continue to help owners to relocate their pets, using their professional expertise and personal service, – wherever that may be to or from – safely and as stress free as possible (for both pet and owner).

Well done KAR Pet Travel