January 29, 2023

By Chris Elliott…..

Cyprusscene is committed to helping both the expatriates and the TRNC authorities by sharing helpful information that will hopefully overcome the language barrier and make it possible TRNC Legislationfor many people to arrange their lives and be content that they have done so in accordance with the laws prevailing in the TRNC.

We have written a number of articles about the White Card regulations  and Entertainers’ Work Permits  following meetings with the authorities (see below) but we are unable to bring you fresh news updates at this time as planned from our ministerial contacts, due to the possible change of government structure.

Please watch this space and be assured we will bring fresh news to our readers as soon as possible….

TRNC White Card/Permanent Residence Regulations in Northern Cyprus

Price drop for TRNC WHITE CARD

Northern Cyprus and expatriate entertainers employment prospects

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