Tai Chi Camps Cyprus: 24 and 42 Steps Tai Chi and Pushing Hands

By Tarik Tekman…..

Tai Chi camps are for anyone who wants to learn Tai Chi or improve Tarik Tekman 2their Tai Chi skills. Participants will practise 24 Steps or 42 Steps (from second camp onwards) Tai Chi in different groups consisting of students at similar levels at the same time.  In each session we will practise Pushing Hands exercises too:


16-17 April (24 Steps Tai Chi and Pushing Hands)

14-15 May (24 or 42 Steps Tai Chi and Pushing Hands)

11-12 June (24 or 42 Steps Tai Chi and Pushing Hands)

Saturday Schedule Sunday Schedule

10:00-11:30 Practice

11:30-12:00 Break

12:00-13:30 Practice

13:30-15:00 Lunch Break

15:00-16:30 Practice

16:30-17:00 Break

17:00-18:30 Practice



08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-10:30 Practice

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:30 Practice

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-15:30 Practice

15:30-16:00 Break

16:00-17:30 Practice



Net practise time is 12 hours. If you have never done Tai Chi before or you are just starting to learn, I recommend that you begin with 24 steps Tai Chi. Please read the Tai Chi page and watch the video to learn more about 24 and 42 steps Tai Chi and Pushing Hands.

Full participation fee: 570 TL or 180 Euro (includes net 12 hours practise, two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast, and one night accommodation in a twin room).

Two days without accommodation: 470 TL or 150 Euro (includes net 12 hours practise and two lunches).

One day without accommodation: 235 TL or 75 Euro (includes net 6 hours practise and one lunch)

All meals are vegetarian. 50 TL (15 Euro) extra for a single room. Our venue, Lapida Hotel at Lapta (Lapethos) has a swimming pool and is 1500 metres from the beach. Bring your swimming suits

Weekly Classes – Cyprus :

Qigong: Wednesdays 08:45 – 09:45 Feslikan Park, Mitre and 15:45 – 16:45 Beach Park, Nicosia. Tai Chi 24 Steps: Mondays 17:15 – 18:15 SAM Mitre (last class on April 18th) and Thursdays 18:30 – 20:30 Home-4-Cooperation, Nicosia buffer zone (last class on 14th April). Tai Chi 42 Steps: Thursdays 18:30 – 19:40 Beach Park, Nicosia (first class on 21st April).

Qigong Retreat, 1-5 June, Izmit, Turkey:Qigong featured image

Lots of Qigong and a little Tai Chi, meditation and short nature walks for four days next to a forest at 950 metres in Aytepe, Izmit, Turkey. The venue is only 70 minutes drive from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and a private minibus will transport us with a very reasonable fee.

Qigong group

June 1st dinner and check-in; June 5th, 16:00 end of the retreat. Fee: 1,160 TL (365 Euro) and includes all exercises, four nights accommodation in a twin room and vegetarian foods.

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