June 3, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

We have received articles under the topic of Cyprus Aviation History from Captain Emre Unel and today he has advised us that the news of a hijacked aircraft landing at Larnacs Airport is in fact not the first time this has happened involving an Egyptian hijacking.

In February 1978 the hijack of a Cyprus Airways DC-8 ended dramatically and the story can be viewed on Wikipedia

“In the late hours of 18 February 1978, Youssef Sebai, editor of a prominent Egyptian newspaper and a friend of the Egyptian Cyprus Airways aircraftPresident, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated by two gunmen at a convention being held at the Nicosia Hilton. The two assassins rounded up 16 Arab convention delegates as hostages (among them, two P.L.O. representatives and one Egyptian national) and demanded transportation to Larnaca International Airport. They also demanded and were supplied with a Cyprus Airways DC-8 aircraft (c/n 45303/141 N99862). Following negotiations with the Cypriot authorities, the hijackers were allowed to fly the aircraft out of Cyprus with 11 hostages and four crew members. The aircraft, however, was denied permission to land in Djibouti, Syria and Saudi Arabia and was forced to return and land in Cyprus a few hours later.”

To read more of this on Wikipedia click here

Later news we have seen indicates that the hijacker surrendered and was arrested.  All passengers and crew were able to leave the aircraft without incident.

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