December 8, 2023

Kumyali Nature Walk

for Children with Special Needs  



By Sue Steel – Vice Chair EFRAR 2016….

On 18th October last year Art Watson and Adem Bayman, together with a small group of friends, organised a sponsored walk along the Ziyamet Special Needs Schoolnature trail in the village of Kumyalı in support of the Special Needs School in Ziyamet. The purpose of the walk was twofold – to increase the profile of the school and the Karpaz as well as raising money for a much needed external playground.

The walk was very successful and thanks to the 15,500TL which was raised and an additional 11,000TL donated by Demetra George from her very successful ‘Concert without Borders’ in Concerts without Borders imageNovember, there is enough money for both an external and internal playground.

Just as importantly, the Minister of National Education has taken a positive interest in the school. Mr Watson said: “the Government is committed to investing a significant amount of money to improve the fabric of the school and we are hoping to meet with the Minister during the next two weeks as we are also hoping they will contribute towards the cost of the playground and we can start the work as soon as possible.

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