Cyprus Memorial Rock for the UK National Memorial Arboretum

Cyprus Memorial Rock

for the UK National Memorial Arboretum


By Margaret Sheard…..

We are following the progress of the Cyprus Rock which is on its way by sea from Cyprus to the UK, courtesy of the RAF who have given support to the project of David LittlemoreMemorial Rock to have a memorial erected at the National Memorial Arboretum, for the 371 British personnel who lost their lives in the Cyprus Emergency between 1955 and 1959.

David has single-handedly organised this wonderful gesture and is personally donating the plaque in the shape of the Island of Cyprus, which will be affixed to the Rock but funds are needed for the additional work involved in completing this memorial and its future maintenance when it is sited at the Arboretum.

The Cyprus Rock is travelling by sea and as soon as we have some further information we will publish a further article but in the meantime we would like to thank those who have donated to the fund for the memorial and its future upkeep at the Memorial Arboretum.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy project you can do so by clicking here to access the GoFundMe account.

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