December 10, 2023

North Cyprus Forum is on the move


By Chris Elliott……

We have received the following news from the admin team at North Cyprus forum which has been revamped and updated and the new version will be with us in the next few days.

For those folk that enjoyed visiting NFC which was run by the late Nigel Watson  click here and in the next few day you will see the new forum where registration for membership can be made. You will also find many of the cyprusscene and our community sharing partners articles placed there for your enjoyment.



Great News Folks.

Yes NCF is moving to a new location with a complete makeover, so keep watching this space and in the next few days when you come to the forum you will arrive on a new posh page where we ask you to register afresh for a user name to enter and enjoy the surroundings of a new Forum.

If that was not good enough, you will now find our sharing partners and writers have posted many interesting articles and reviews and will continue to do so into our new home and these can be read by you and visitors in full by selecting them from the top menu bar.

North Cyprus Forum is moving

Here you will find daily news including community news and events etc. There will be a weekly events calendar from and you can still announce your events in the forum section if you wish. In these articles will be many pictures, videos and so, so much more for your entertainment and information.

We are looking forward to many members and friends joining us in our new home to keep the dream of Nigel Watson our founder very much alive. Let’s again make North Cyprus Forum the preferred forum in Northern Cyprus.

Best wishes,A toast to you giff

The admin team


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