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Kuwaiti Fine Art Exhibition in Nicosia at Famagusta Gate

Kuwaiti Fine Art Exhibition in Nicosia at Famagusta Gate


By Heidi Trautmann……

The best links between countries are established through art, artists are therefore often called ambassadors of culture. They should be sent out more often.

I had the pleasure to meet a group of artists who work together under the roof of the Kuwait Art Association. In cooperation with the Kuwait Embassy and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, they came here for an exhibition at the Famagusta Gate in Nicosia. The opening was on Monday, 11 January 2016. Actually, the President HE Nikos Anastasiades was expected for the opening but he was obviously tied up with other business. However, the Ambassadors of the State of Kuwait, of the Sultanate of Oman, of the United Arab Emirates and of the State of Qatar were present and for our eyes it was a splendid view.

Kuwaiti Art pictures by Heidi Trautmann (16)

The president of the Kuwait Art Association and of the Union of Arab Arts, Abdul Rasoul Salman has accompanied the 28 artists, 19 female and 9 male artists, to Nicosia and it was a pleasure to speak to him. He said that the exhibition is part of the festivities within the framework of the Islamic Culture 2016 festivities.  The development of the arts have undergone a great development internationally and it is the intention of the Association to bring their culture to other countries and on the other hand invite international artists to their countries to learn from each other. Some of the artists I have met before, they had even come to my house to take part in our Thursday Art Group; I was very pleased to see them again.

There were about 70 art works in the halls of the Famagusta Gate Cultural Centre, it is a pity that they were not put together in a catalogue. I have taken photos of most of them. The artists stood near their work so I had the opportunity to talk to them. Beautiful young people full of enthusiasm.

The Artists

The countries taking part in this event had made an effort to show also their touristic attractions in brochures laid out, they made us listen to their kind of music and made us taste little delicious niceties with our fingers. Some Cypriot artists had come to pay their respects but I would have expected much more. Exchange of culture is meant to broaden our knowledge, our angles of view and our understanding of each other. Unfortunately, I must add here, that the event was not very much made public via media, it is only by personal contact that I learnt about it.

In the meantime the artists will have returned home. Thank you for coming and showing us your art. May your roads always be easy and peaceful.

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