April 1, 2023

“Together we care,” says

Starling Supermarkets


We have just received the following news and wonderful pictures from Tom Roche of Living Magazine and would like to share them with our readers.

Together we care,” is the motto of supermarket group, Starling and the store has proved it by sending toys to the Special Needs schools throughout the TRNC.

These children at the Karakum Special Needs School were among those who received the New Year gifts. The scheme was arranged by the Little Society of Kyrenia, which distributed the Starling donations.

The Little Society’s trustee, Mary Watson said: “Throughout last year we have been helping special needs children at Karakum and at schools in Lefkoşa and Ziyamet. Starling was kind enough to provide snacks and beach toys for a day out at the seaside and said they would like to do something for Christmas and New Year also, so we arranged a list of children and their ages and Starling got something suitable for everybody.”

After opening their presents the children at Karakum then enjoyed a dance party. 

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