March 23, 2023

A Happy New Year on Board

We have received the following New Year greeting from a contributor and follower and as it is so lovely and appropriate to everyone we want to share this with our worldwide readership and hope that your year 2016 is summed up in the words below.

‘Happy New Year’

The New Year suddenly appears on the horizon ….

Happy New Year
The Boarding on Flight 2016
has been announced…..

Swirling Smiley

Your luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2015
the bad and sad moments should be left in the garbage….

The duration of the flight will be 12 months.

The next stop-overs will be :
Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Well-being and Peace

The Captain offers you the following menu 
Which will be served during the flight

A Cocktail of Friendship
A Supreme of Health

A gratin of prosperity

A Bowl of Excellent News
A Salad of Success
A Cake of Happiness

All accompanied 
By bursts of laughter

Wishing You and Yours 
An enjoyable trip

On board Flight 2016

May This Be
Your Best Year Ever!!

A toast to you

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