The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Review of the Year 2015

by Ralph Kratzer


The year 2015 is now drawing to its close and, like in the years before, I want to give you a brief recap of the activities of the TFR, an association for foreigners living in North Cyprus, with actually about 350 members from 26 different nations.

I only mention the most important events of the year.

Unfortunately we not only had happy events this year, we also had to mourn the death of our Finnish member Seppo Nikkanen.

I’ll start at the beginning of the year, all of the mentioned activities and events you can track on our website by clicking the category TFR Topics at the  top of the home page and then read the individual posts (of course for the older posts you have to scroll down…! or use the “Search” facility).

Or even easier, you click on the underlined links below and go directly to the corresponding articles and photos.

TFR activities and events 2015:

  • Not to forget our well attended weekly “Stammtisch” get-together at the Sea Point restaurant in Lapta (during summer) and the Acmenya restaurant in Alsancak (during winter) and our monthly bowling event “Cup of the Nations”.

Again it was a successful year for the TFR-association, not least because there aren´t a lot of clubs in Northern Cyprus for foreign residents that offer so many occasions for their members to come together, get information and enjoy the company of like-minded people!

In this sense, may you all have a Happy New Year!

The TFR-Secretary on behalf of the Committee