December 10, 2022

Death of a Kangal

KAR say:  Do not let this happen to one of your Pets!

We have received from Kim Betts of Kyrenia Animal Rescue the following article which is so very sad and thought provoking for any reader that has a care for animals and this is what Kim said of the article she has written.

This is one of the hardest articles I have had to write – it was written with so much sadness and tears. Nothing ever prepares us for these horror stories but the message behind this story is so importantDo not let this happen to one of your Pets.”

Please be WARNED – the article does contain distressing photos.​

I am a Kangal – what does that mean ?


By Kim Betts……
Kyrenia Animal Rescue……

I, the Kangal, have been featured on many KangalTurkish postal stamps and coins. I, the Kangal am a distinct breed and have been declared Turkey’s National Dog and a national treasure.

I, the Kangal, am naturally protective but am more people orientated than most other guardian livestock breeds.

I, the Kangal, am alert, territorial and defensive of the domestic animals in my charge or of my human family.

I, the Kangal, show great protectiveness, loyalty and gentleness with small children .

I, the Kangal, stand at 30 – 32” as a male and weigh between 110 – 145 lbs (50 – 66kg)

I, the Kangal, require little grooming but do need a good brushing out during moulting season. My coat is double layered and suitable for all weathers and temperatures.

I, the Kangal, generally live to be between 12 – 15 years.

I, am a Kangal and I am proud to be a Kangal.

What about me – I am a Kangal ?

Am I a depiction of the Turkish National Dog  and a National treasure ? Would you see me on Turkish stamps and coins ?

But I, am a Kangal .

Did humans defend me? Were they naturally protective of me? Where was their loyalty?

But I, am a Kangal.

If I could stand long enough to be measured then I would be 31” tall but I cannot now stand that long.

My coat has lost its thickness due to malnourishment and doesn’t offer any weather protection at all to my ribs, spine or any of my many protruding bones.

I do not now have the strength to eat, I can  just sip a little water so I am not 66 kg – just 20 kg.

But I, am a Kangal

Sick Kangal 5I have at least been shown gentleness and kindness, by my last human family who loved me for 8 years before they gave me to a new human, by a few lovely humans at the Centre where I was dumped, during my sad last few days.

I didn’t get to live for 12 to 15 years – but I, was a Kangal and I was Proud to be a Kangal.

What about you?

Are you the humans who didn’t take me with you to your new home, or are you my new owner who didn’t feed me, or are you other humans who must have known it was happening and did nothing to help me – are you Proud? Proud to be a Human?

Please – if your circumstances change and you really have to find a new home for your family pet – don’t let the same thing happen to yours.

Please ;

Meet as many times as you can with the potential new owner and ask them/find out as much detail about them and their home life as you can. Ask questions of them (have they had cats/dogs before; do they have a garden; work; children) – you are entrusting your animal family member with them and need to be as sure as you can that they can be trusted and are aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Watch carefully how your pet/new owner (and family) interact during meetings.

Particular caution is needed when re homing certain breeds that may require special care and/or an experienced owner or ones that can be viewed as status/trophy breeds.

Also ;

Go with the new owner to re register the new details at the Beledeyesi and also change the details on the TRNC microchip database.

Go with them to your/their vet to introduce them and to pass on any previous medical conditions or treatment..

Spend as much time as possible with the new owner and your pet – do not rush into a decision.

Your decision will rest with your pet for the remainder of its life. Make sure it is the right decision.

For this owner it was the wrong decision and that will stay with her for the rest of her life — this Kangal no longer has a life.


A Kangal – RIP!

A Kangal - RIP

11 thoughts on “KAR say: Do not let this happen to one of your Pets! – Death of a Kangal

  1. The dog in this article, we initially thought was my dads dog Simba. It is tragic but we have studied the photos and have realised it is not Simba. However, a few things need to be clarified as the article sounds very judgemental and that the dog was just given away. My dad died very suddenly and tragically, we, as a family had to try and find a new home for Simba as my mum could not manage him on her own and needed to return to the UK with us. My mum literally begged everybody she knew to help us. KAR could not help, the police could not help, we went in every single vets to ask for help, my mum was distraught, as well as losing her husband if 52 years, this was a terrible situation to find herself in. Through, who she thought at the time, was a good friend, who she trusted (that was the ONLY mistake she made) he found a new owner who promised to give Simba a good life, to date we still do not know what had happened to Simba or where he is as this man appears to have disappeared! My mum continues to be tormented thinking the same thing that happened to this dog could be happening to Simba.
    Please, please, if anybody has any information, sightings of a Kangal, email me on

    1. Thank you for your comment Joanne which we have copied to Kyrenia Animal Rescue in case they or any of their followers know of the whereabouts of Simba.

      We hope you will receive news soon

  2. I feel very sorry for this family, whatever happens this is no reflection on you all, your mum did what any of us would do in the same circumstances. I am just very surprised that KAR would not help.

  3. Kyrenia Animal Rescue have now posted the following on their Facebook page to assist in the location of a Kangal :-

    “There is a report of a male Kangal who is missing from the Esentepe area – he may even now be in the Alagadi or Catalkoy area. If you see one can you please contact Joanne at

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