December 8, 2023


The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

A different Kind of Christmas Dinner

By Ralph Kratzer

TFR-LogoBoth in Germany and UK there is a well-known proverb: “A new broom sweeps clean!”

I think I can remember that it was our new TFR Events Manager Richard “Brad” Bradley who made the proposal to arrange the traditional Christmas dinner of the association in a bit more lively format.

The previous dinners had always been a success and some of the members, who do not live all year in Northern Cyprus, plan their flights deliberately the way that they are able to participate in this annual special event.

TFR Year-End dinner 2015
But in the past it was more a solemn and contemplative affair with Christmas music in the background and, at best, a short show act for entertainment. Many participants of the last years are still happy to remember the live sketch “Dinner for One” and I also remember that we had a local children’s choir as guests at one Christmas dinner a few years ago.

This year the solemn part of the party should be followed by a more lively part with music and dancing. Chairman Heinz Nauroth was initially not enthusiastic about this idea, but the rest of the board was able to convince him to try out something new.

Long story short: It was a great evening, which more than 80 guests will remember for a long time.

As the location for the party (now called Year-end dinner instead of Christmas dinner) the Deniz Kizi Hotel in Alsancak, which had already hosted the same event two years ago, had been selected for the second time.

TFR Chairman´s welcome speech
TFR Chairman´s welcome speech

After arriving, guests got their welcome cocktail and took their place at the festively decorated tables and after a short welcome speech from the Chairman, the 3-course menu was served and I must say, there was nothing wrong with it. And the hotel service was – as far as I could evaluate – attentive, fast and friendly.

Part of the arranangement with the hotel was that all local drinks were included in the price. Accordingly, the mood of the guests present loosened more and more.

The well-known DJ Pete Murray was booked for the evening,  and “Brad” Bradley, acting as M.C., played his part in ensuring that the dance floor was soon full of party guests.

Dorothy and Bill rock the dance floor
Dorothy and Bill rock the dance floor

The dancing was only interrupted by awarding medals to the “winners of the year” in TFR´s “Bowling Cup of the Nations” and of course by drawing the lucky winners of the traditional Christmas raffle in aid of charity.

Among the party guests this year were Bill and Dorothy Gallop, who are among the oldest members of the association. Dorothy, at her age of over 80 years,  not only seems to love the dance floor, as I could observe, but also took the cream in the raffle, winning three prizes instead of one at best. Congratulations!

The atmosphere was so good that even some of the hotel staff on site took their chance to spontaneously perform a folk dance at advanced hours, together with party guests.

All in all a successful event and I think the TFR will adhere to this concept in the future!

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