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KAR Pet Travel – Samoyed twins travel North Cyprus to the UK

KAR – Pet Travel

Samoyed twins travel North Cyprus to UK

By Kim Betts….

Seeing double but certainly not double trouble

Recently KAR Pet Travel was asked to relocate 2 beautiful young Samoyed sisters to the UK. They certainly caused a few stop and stares in the KAR office whilst waiting for their Ercan transfer. Visitors to the office were sure that they had seen double … the sisters were so alike it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

Twins in office

I even had to double check their microchips to ensure that I had put the correct sister into the correct box.

As you can imagine Customs officials at Ercan had plenty of questions about the girls, the Samoyed breed and commented on how they could be twins as they couldn’t tell them apart.

Twins as Ercan

I kindly explained that if the dogs opened their mouths the officers would be able to see that one of them had a distinguishing feature – one had a black mark on her tongue. They decided that they would take my word for it !!!

Side by side

The girls soon got bored with the check in process and waiting prior to boarding (well we all know that feeling don’t we!) and they settled down for a bit of a snooze.  Not that they needed to catch up on any beauty sleep.

Less than 24 hours after leaving the KAR Office in TRNC the girls were collected from Heathrow and had been delivered (by a specialist UK animal courier company who work very closely with KAR Pet Travel) to their new UK home where their owners were waiting at the door delighted to be reunited with them.

Home in time for Xmas for these 2 girls.

In the UK

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