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TRNC News Today 11th December 2015


Foreign Minister Çolak meets with the European People’s Party and the Greens Party

Foreign Minister Çolak within the framework of her contacts in Brussels, held meetings with Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Vice-Chair of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the European Parliament (EP). At the nearly hour-long meeting, Minister Çolak conveyed information regarding the latest developments of the Cyprus negotiation process. Minister Çolak also emphasized the importance of lending an ear to the voice of the Turkish Cypriot community within the EP.

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski and Emine Colak

Wolski, on the other hand, referred to the grave situation which persists in Syria and expressed concern over the strengthening relationship between the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus and Russia.

Rebecca Harms and Emine Colak

Moreover within the scope of her contacts in Brussels, Minister Çolak met with Rebecca Harms, German Member of Parliament and Co-President of the EP Greens Party. Minister Çolak conveyed information pertaining to the negotiation process and underlined that a critical point in the process has been reached. Minister Çolak pointed to the significance of the process being supported and protected by EU organizations and authorities within the spirit of close collaboration and emphasized the importance of remaining equidistant to both communities on the Island.

Harms stated the importance of reaching a settlement and solution which is acceptable by both sides on the Island and pledged the support of the Greens in this respect.

Akıncı: “A similar type of meeting to that of choosing the Pope is necessary”

Pointing out that they are at a point of mutual compromise President Akıncı said:”The time for concentrated peace talks in Cyprus, where the parties to the solution should be locked up in a room and not allowed out until they reach an agreement, is needed.”

Referring to the type of meeting implemented to choose a Pope, the papal conclave, Akıncı said he believed the time was approaching for a similar exercise, but he admitted the Greek Cypriot administration was not yet sharing this opinion.

Mustafa Akinci - Choosing the Pope

“You know how they choose the new Pope? They all gather in one place and they do not go out until they choose one, [and then] you see smoke coming out”  said Akıncı, adding a similar type of meeting was necessary to reach a final agreement.

Asked about the modalities of the meeting, Akıncı, who addressed the students on December 10 at Istanbul’s Kadir Has University, said guarantor states would have to be present in that meeting as well.

There has been important progress on three main issues, namely governance, economic issues and the European Union, according to Akıncı. On the remaining three issues – properties, land and security – difficulties still remain, he said, adding the two sides needed to enter a period where they will have to sort out differences in a concentrated effort.

Talks conducted in Cyprus constitute the last effort of the older generation to find a solution based on a federation, said Akıncı. He underlined how the young generation on both sides of the island are like strangers to each other after years of division.

“This is the last effort of my generation to find a solution under a federal roof. Young generations on the island will have to find other ways,” he said, adding, “We need to solve the issue in a matter of months, not years.”

Eide: “Peace has never been so close in Cyprus before”

Stating that the best conditions to solve the Cyprus problem constituted in recent years, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide said that peace has never been so close in Cyprus before.

Eide who went to Ankara for an official visit, made an assessment to the reporter of AA regarding the Cyprus negotiations and the process and he reminded that he met with the TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı and the leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiades frequently and Eide said: “We have achieved success in the negotiations in recent months and it gave me courage. Probably this is the best chance in the recent years to solve the Cyprus problem”.

Eide - Peace never so close

Stating that they conducted a heavy schedule on one of the main agenda items which is the issue of property ownership, in recent weeks, Eide said: “One of the key issues is the property issue. If we fully overcome the property ownership, we will see the solution as well”.

Mentioning that a solution in Cyprus will not only be for the benefit of the Turkish side but also in favour of all parties, Eide argued that a united island’s economy will eliminate all political barriers.

 Furthermore, Eide also stated that he had a chance to meet with the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu while he was in Ankara and he said that Turkey has an attitude in favour of a solution in Cyprus.

Eide conclude his speech and he said: “Mr Davutoğlu is my ex-colleague, we have worked together in the past and we know each other very well. Davutoglu confirmed to me one more time, that Turkey wants a solution. After a certain point, the guarantor countries will also be included in the negotiation process. I informed Ankara, the UK and Athens continuously about the progress of the negotiations. This is not only the Cyprus issue, it is also a regional and international problem.

Yenel: “If the Cyprus negotiations result as we want, many chapters might be opened”

Stating that the 17th chapter, which includes economic and financial policies, will be opened on Monday 14 December, Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the EU, Selim Yenel said: “If the Cyprus negotiations result as we want, many chapters might be opened.”

Selim Yenel

In his statement to the AA, Yenel reminded that Turkey-EU relations have been stable for a long time and he added: “Unfortunately the relations were not going at the speed we want, accession negotiations were nearly at a standstill. However; because of this immigration crisis, Turkey-EU relations also gained a new impetus and in this context the Turkey-EU summit was held.  It was the first time in history. There were a number of decisions taken, and in this context we can say that our relations are normalized. Also there are some other chapters which the Greek Cypriot Administration unilaterally closed for political reasons. Our expectation is to have a solution in the coming months in Cyprus.”  Yenel added that they should not lose any time until a solution is reached and therefore the Commission will make the necessary preparations.

The missing martyr Kansoy will be buried today

The missing martyr Özel Reşat Kansoy will be buried at the martyrdom in the Lefkoşa Cemetery with a military ceremony in today.

Özel Reşat Kansoy

Kansoy who was born in Limassol in 1933 had been abducted and killed by armed Greek Cypriots while he was travelling to Limassol with two of his friends in 1964.

Tourism Minister Sucuoğlu organized a meeting entitled “Crisis Summit in Tourism”

Tourism Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu organized a meeting entitled “Crisis Summit in Tourism” with the participation of sector representatives.

Faiz Sucuoğlu - Tourism

Tourism organizations, tourism stakeholders, airline companies, the Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the universities and the ministry bureaucrats attended the meeting held at the Ministry of Tourism.

In his speech at the meeting, he said that they created a crisis desk in order to revive tourism and exchange the views on the issue of how to transform the negativities to an advantage.

Barrier-Free Information Days have begun

Barrier-Free Information Days hosted by the Near East University have begun.

Events that started yesterday will continue today.

Barrier Free Days

The Barrier-Free Information Days will discuss many issues such as the use of technology for disabled citizens and the employment opportunities and also a workshop on “Children learn what they live” will be held.

The opening speech of the event was made by Meral Akıncı, the wife of the TRNC President.

In her speech at the opening ceremony, she stated that she has lived the happiness of being together in such important work of this significant day and she also said: “If we want and if we believe wholeheartedly, there is no obstacle which cannot be achieved”.

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