December 10, 2022

Remembrance Sunday – A Challenge Of

A Year Past

Hi Chris

As you can see coming up to Armistice Day, I had a request from a young lady helper at our club! So I thought about all those National Service Men and Women of the 1950 period who hardly get a mention.

So trying to do it with respect but to add a bit of fun for the younger generation to understand, I shake rattled and rolled my brain back to a past era. If you do decide to use this poem could you hold it till closer to the time, as it is to be read out as a surprise for Laura.

I have three more that I have been persuaded to write! But these are of a more serious nature of war.



Picture courtesy of Derek Chilvers, Suffolk Regiment, Cyprus 1958 to 1959

Top Brian, l-r Mick, Bob, Derek, Chris


A young lady challenged me
Are you once again going to write a poem?
That of the kind of a year past
Laura by name set me a challenge
As year had passed and my memory had lapsed
It’s an admission of one’s sale date, has all but expired

But fear not young lady
Like those brave boys and girls of long ago
And those who served in world wars one and two
Other brave souls followed that calling
Those of challenges that were soon followed

A mixture that of regular force whom had seen it all before
Plus now a new breed of young men who knew now’t of war
Young men at the Nations beck and call
Answered to the name of National Service Men
Eighteen year’s old, used to wearing the uniform of the street
Haircuts groomed to perfection
Miniature overcoats: drainpipe trousers
Bootlace ties and blue suede shoes

As to the Barrack gates they did report
A certain gentleman did bawl and holler
Collect your kit as we have a treat in store
Line up you horrible little men

It’s off to see the Regimental Barber he said with a grin
As the guy walks in! Hairstyle all in tack
Request for just a trim! RSM said barber that will be a No. 1 for him
A track was ploughed right  through the middle of his hair
Out he tumbled with his short back and sides.

Copyright Bob Scott. 26/10/ 2015.

Remembrance Day 2011 in Kyrenia

9 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday – A Challenge Of A Year Past a Poem by Bob Scott

  1. Hi Bob. Very well written mate and all very true but times that have been forgotten that shouldn’t be but that is the way of life but until we fade away we can try to spread the word.

  2. Derek : Thanks for your comment I have tried my hardest over the years to support all armed forces, but in particular the group known as National Servicemen, the group that had no choice
    two and a half million since 1945 till 1963. when the last one was demobbed, other than family very few of the public are aware of the contribution made. So when a young lady ask me if I was going to write another poem this year it was a no brainer. Bob.

    1. Hi Chris: Thanks for your comment glad you like the poem, I think the reason people are liking my poem is! because it is based in the 1950 and about one of the guys I joined up with at Brock barracks, Reading. I must say I don’t know how all you Suffolk lads manage to enjoy yourself so much in Cyprus, we always seemed to be pushed to the limits, I had ten days leave in two and a half years, that ten days was in a hotel in Kyrenia whilst attached to 50 Brigade HQ.
      Cheers Bob.

  3. Hi Bob well done a great poem. I am in the photo above with ( left to right ) Mick Burland, Bobby “Ginger” Vine R.I.P. ( sadly Aug this year) Derek Chilvers (riding bike) Brian Irvine RIP and myself Chris Veness (The Muncher!) The three of us left have our next get together on Sunday 6th December at the Rushbrooke Arms Sicklesmere Bury St Edmonds IP30 OBU everyone welcome to join us all. Kindest regards Chris

  4. Hi Bob. Since I contacted Margaret and Chris after my visit back to Cyprus in 2012 and they helped me put my memories of my army days in Cyprus on their site I have found out how little the people of today know about how things were in Cyprus 1956/9 and what happened and I now probably bore people with my stories but I think it should be told and I am now getting feed back from people who think the same as us.

  5. Hi Bob Hi Chris. I wish more of the lads would leave a reply on here, it shows appreciation to everyone involved, cheers Chris.

  6. Hi Derek, my memories are with my buddy I lost in 1957. Ian Collins he had only been in Cyprus two months, then I had the hard task of carrying his coffin, the reason I spent two attempts and ten years with a few others to have the British Cyprus Memorial I was one of the fund raisers, there were times we never thought we get it, all but for the help of the late David Carter and the person who possible Donald Crawford QC. All the best Bob.

  7. Hi Bob. We were mainly National Service lads told what to do and how to do it so we made the best of it but we all finished up being a lot better for it. Three of us are travelling out to Cyprus tomorrow to attend the Remembrance Day service on Sunday and hopefully joining up with friends we have found over there on three earlier visits, all good stuff.

  8. I wish you all the best, I know you will be well received by Chris and Margaret in their usual great manner you have become accustomed too, so cheers to you all. Bob.

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