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KAR dine with me – chefs or cooks wanted by Kyrenia Animal Rescue

KAR dine with me – chefs or cooks wanted!


Message from the KAR Master Chef

Our Rescue Centre has been donated raw fresh meat and offal – such delicacies our puppies and younger dogs can’t wait to get their teeth into! It is Canine master chefall currently being stored in our freezers but due to staff shortages and not enough hours in the day our staff are not able to cook the meat and offal for them.

We are looking for chefs, budding chefs or just cooks who can volunteer their culinary skills to turn the donations into delicious meat and pasta dishes for the KAR dogs. Yum yum.,

We need people who will volunteer to cook up some of Dog Happythe meat and pasta – we will provide both – and bag it up into smaller portions to feed and build up the pups and younger or weaker dogs.

We can arrange for the raw food to be delivered to your house or you can collect it from our Karakum office.

If you can help us with this please contact our office – the dogs will certainly look forward to some home cooking and will very much appreciate it — yum yum .

Kyrenia Animal Rescue
PO Box 450 , Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey ..Tel +90 (0)533 869 4098
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KAR rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern Cyprus .
Bank Details: HSBC Sort Code: 40-21-02 Account Number: 11364812

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