December 6, 2022

Gűlseren Sadak Recital

at Bellapais Abbey


By Margaret Sheard…..

Gűlseren was a near neighbour when I first came to North Cyprus 12 years ago and I looked forward to hearing her playing her piano in her house a short distance away but I never did and it was some years before I actually did hear her wonderful music at a recital at Bellapais, although she had, prior to the recital at the Abbey, given a taster at her home to myself and a small local audience.Gulseren plays

Since then I have heard Gűlseren make the piano sing on a few occasions and this week was another opportunity to attend another recital entitled Love and Music for Peace at Bellapais Abbey and which is part of the 13th North Cyprus Music Festival and is being held from 1st to 24th October.

There was a large audience and we were transported in music by 7 different composers from different countries, as Gűlseren’s fingers moved over the keys – sometimes slowly, sometimes so swiftly you could hardly see them.   We had Marcello – Adagio from Oboe Concerto, Granados – Playera, Albeniz – Granada, Piazzolla – Liber Tango, Schubert – Impromptu Op. 142 and Op. 90, Debussy – Clair de Lune, and Khachaturian – Toccata.   It was magical, and at the end of the recital, to thunderous applause, we were treated to a superb encore of Manuel de Falla – Ritual Fire Dance.  A great finale to a wonderful recital.

Bouquet of flowers

Most English people who know Gűlseren call her Rosa, a little easier to say, and I also refer to her as Rosa.   It was a very sad and stressful time when her husband Ali Yaliman passed away some 2½ years ago but she has pulled through and with the company of her cat, books and piano she has learned to continue and is able to share her wonderful music with audiences who appreciate her exceptional talent.   Rosa fractured her wrist a few years ago which must have been very traumatic for a world class pianist but again she overcame this set-back.

I, for one, look forward to many more recitals by Gűlseren in the lovely venue of Bellapais Abbey.

Bellapais Abbey

I recorded some of the recital and you can hear the last 2 pieces of the programme – Debussy – Clair de Lune, and Khachaturian – Toccata plus the encore – Manuel de Falla – Ritual Fire Dance. by clicking on the link below.

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