December 8, 2023

Cyprus Negotiations

Kudret Özersay evaluated

the Cyprus Issue

Former Turkish Cypriot Negotiator and Academic Kudret Özersay evaluated the Cyprus issue during a program he attended on BRT HD this morning.

Özersay_3According to Özersay the progress achieved at the negotiations was unknown and the Turkish Cypriot media was under the bombardment of the Greek Cypriot media.

“Actually how much progress was achieved and what stage the negotiations process has reached is unknown. When we look at the statements, it’s been said that an agreement was reached on jurisdiction and execution of the federal legislative power, however there were convergences reached on this issue during Eroğlu’s term. But mainly there was an agreement reached before this” Özersay said.

Also evaluating the most debated issue of today, the property issue, he said “a statement which stated that we agreed on this sentence on the property issue caused distress both on the Turkish Cypriot public opinion and on the domestic market. President Mustafa Akıncı should reassure the society and the market on this issue. He should make a statement as soon as possible.”

Divided CyprusTouching upon the issue of bi-zonality, Özersay reminded that the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiadis has made disturbing statements and talked about the freedom of settlement.

Özersay by referring to Anastasiadis’s latest speech at the UN General Assembly said that two statements of the Greek Cypriot leader were contradicting with each other.

“Anastasiadis during his speech at the UN General Assembly stressed the decisions of the UN Security Council which involve the bi-zonality. However his early statement regarding the freedom of settlement is contradicting with this” Özersay added.

Claiming that these visions were not coinciding with President Akıncı’s and Turkish Cypriot side’s statements, he called on Akıncı to put forward the stance of the Turkish Cypriot side with an active diplomacy and by conveying this stance to the international community enabling embodiment of the UN document through this stance. 

Source: BRTK World News


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  1. This article is a waste of time… It could not be more obscure.
    Özersay ‘thought’ of something, but left us in the dark as to what that (& his evaluation) was.
    This is a click-bating non-article

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