March 27, 2023


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“Favourite Venues”




Favourite Venues

It’s difficult to choose a favourite venue as each venue I sing at has its own style, customer base and appeal. I can only tell you what it is about a venue and why I like it…….E.g. The Blue Garden House in Karşiyaka is a beautiful restaurant serving fabulous food in a beautiful setting opposite the beach. It has a pool in the centre and is a modern styled restaurant whose clientele are always a pleasure to entertain.

Aysh Bar attracts a younger, fun loving crowd who love to dance the night away. I’ve had some of my best nights there. The Pia Bella Hotel is a great venue for live music which is offered in the garden bar area. I really love singing there and the staff are a brilliant laugh.

The Malpas Hotel has a different ambience with a more relaxed feel. I like to perform more of a ballad set there. Both The Hut in Lapta and The SeAngle in Çatalköy offer a fabulous BBQ when I sing for them and both places come alive with dancers. I love to sing at both of these venues and the audiences never disappoint.

The Ship Hotel has proved to be a great venue catering for holiday makers I’ve had some great nights there. I recently performed at the Stumble Inn Lapta for the first time and loved it!  The crowd were amazing, many were up dancing,  and it was a great first time gig for me.

All the venues I’ve performed at this season have had their own unique style and appreciative audiences with whom I’ve become very fond and wish to thank them for making my season such an amazing one.



My favourite venues, have been mainly hotels, where my music goes down well with holiday makers of all nationalities. I think I have covered quite a lot of them on the island…..with my most recent being the Merit Royal.

The Acalpulco and Malpas, where I entertained last Christmas were fabulous. But my first hotel was the Pia Bella……so I tend to favour that one as I met my Turkish husband there.

I was singing, and he was a waiter and at the end of the evening, they were encouraged to dance with the guests. He made straight for me, and the rest is history !!!

There have been others, the L.A. Hotel, Sempati, Haseki Harim, Bella View, Colony, Rocks and not forgetting the new Kapaz Gate Marina.

There are so many fab places, it’s too difficult to choose just one !!!



Favourite Venues… For me there is only one venue…EFENDI..

This restaurant has supported me from day one, no, actually before that when I worked there as a was actually the manageress at the time Julia that made me pluck up the courage to sing in front of a couple who had come in to dine…

I remember I hid behind a column and sang Oleta Adams “Get Here”…very embarrassing, but it was the start of my new career.

Efendi for me means home, sanctuary, I can be myself there, and that definitely reflects in my singing.

It’s the number 1 restaurant on Trip Advisor for North Cyprus and for me it will ALWAYS be my number one place to play.

Col Coleman

Col Coleman

Favourite Venues… This is a hard one! as all my venues have special memories to me and all I care is that wherever I am performing, that I give everybody a good time.

I have performed at the LA hotel for 2 years now and must admit it is great to have new faces to entertain all the time.

JK’s Bar is a new venue for me and it’s another great place.

I just love to perform and it does not matter where!

Jamie Vincent

Jamie Vincent

Favourite Venues… As most people know I will be leaving the Island in November so I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few of my favourite venues which have supported me during my time on this wonderful island. and are still doing so right up to when I move to the mainland.

The SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy for their warm and friendly atmosphere and truly fun nights including the  ‘live music quizzes’, The Macaron Restaurant in Alsancak for trusting me when they opened up and I said keep plugging away with my live music on Sundays (They now seat over 100 on Sundays regularly).

The Malpas 5* Hotel in Catalkoy, which provided a bit of luxury to my gigs and the Lapta Holiday Club Inn for the fantastic poolside gigs entertaining their guests, and the many other venues which I performed at on a non-regular basis this season.

A big thank you to you all!


As a thank you to all of those fans, we present on behalf of the  

ASAP ALL STARS – Oleta Adams “Get Here”

Next week we will be looking at the thoughts of the ASAP ALL STARS on the subject of Love.

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