May 31, 2023

Project of the Century

Fresh water being transferred

from mainland to TRNC

Fresh water from the Alakopru dam in Mersin is now flowing through the 80 kilometres of underwater piping to the TRNC.

Water Project_2According to the general directorate of state hydraulic works, the water has started to flow to North Cyprus. It is reported that the water will be used after cleaning the inside of the water pipes and flushing out the sea water. Then the dam at Gecitkoy on the island’s north coast will be filled, from there, the water will be distributed to North Nicosia.

It is reported that an official ceremony is scheduled for 29th October to mark the arrival of the water. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also expected that attend the ceremony.

Minister of Public Works, Environment and Culture Kutlu Evren, told Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’, that: “A miracle has been performed. Water is the world’s most valuable asset. It is a huge event bringing the water from motherland Turkey to North Cyprus”.

Evren also said that the water will increase investments and will develop agriculture in the TRNC. He repeated that they can offer what has been described as “peace water” to the Greek Cypriots.

Source: LGC News

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