May 31, 2023

Cyprus Dispute

Press reports on Derinya border crossing

opening conflict

Turkish and Greek Cypriot press reports appear to contradict each other about the opening of the Derinya border crossing in Famagusta. After months of dispute between local authorities and the military, an agreement has been reached, a report published yesterday by ‘Kibris Postasi’ states.

Derinya borderDerinya crossing was to be opened as a confidence building measure between the two communities on the island. However, the military authorities did not want the road passing by their camp to be used. Construction of a new road, bypassing the camp was proposed by the Turkish Cypriots but the Greek Cypriots did not favour the idea.

‘Kibris Postasi’ reported yesterday that a reliable source had told the newspaper that the problem had been overcome now and that after completion of work in two months time, the border crossing will open.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Cypriot side is having difficulties finding customs and police staff to man the crossing. The same source said that the government would take the initiative and solve the problem.

However, according to Greek Cypriot daily ‘Cyprus Mail’ no agreement has been reached yet for opening Derinya crossing point that leads to Famagusta.

The report published today says that: “A Greek Cypriot source with knowledge on the subject told the Cyprus News Agency that the Turkish Cypriot side appears ready to “seriously” discuss Greek Cypriot proposals during an upcoming meeting of the Technical Committee for the Opening of Crossing Points, scheduled for October 7.

Once a decision is taken to lift the roadblock, a lot of work remains to be done, to widen the old road and clear the area of mines, however, there are no timetables for that”.

Update: Greek Cypriot daily ‘Famagusta Gazette’ has reported the latest news that an agreement has been reached to open the crossing in about two months time.

Source: LGC News

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