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TRNC News Today 23rd September 2015

Akıncı informs non-governmental organizations

President Mustafa Akıncı had a meeting with the representatives of non-governmental organizations yesterday. During the meeting which was attended by Foreign Minister Emine Çolak, President Akıncı informed the representatives of non-governmental organizations and replied to their questions.  Akıncı expressed that compensation will play a great role in the issue of property therefore the international community’s support is needed.

Akinci informs NGO's 2

Furthermore, stressing that current users will have the right on the property, Akıncı indicated the decision of the European Court of Human Rights for the Dimopulos case.  Akıncı stressed that current users who have been using a property for 41 years will have the right on the property. Upon a question about what the federation means for the Greek Cypriots, Akıncı answered as follows;

“The principles in the joint statement, which were made by the Turkish and the Greek Cypriot Leaders on 11 February 2014, are essential for the settlement negotiations but there are also political parties in South Cyprus, which removed bi-zonality from their party programs. On the other hand, there are also parties which are willing to protect these principles. Stating that both the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots suffered in the past, especially in the 1950s and 1960s which were very painful years for the Turkish Cypriots, Akıncı said, “If we say that only one side suffered it will be selfishness”.  Akıncı stated that if the 20th July operation had not been carried out it would not have been possible to prevent the unification of the whole of Cyprus to Greece.  Stating that the settlement, which is being worked on is different from the settlement which was made in 1960, Akıncı said that this time it will be a bi-zonal settlement.

Akinci informs NGO's

Akıncı said: “We want a future in security, equality, and in freedom by taking our rights and respecting the rights of the others.” Indicating that the two leaders have decided to intensify their efforts towards the solution process and meet more frequently in order to reach an agreement as soon as possible, Akıncı said that the parliamentary elections in South Cyprus will be held in May 2016, and to finalize the process and have a referendum before this election will be the success of both sides.

Stating that reaching a solution is not easy, Akıncı said that they will see whether it is possible in November or December. On the other hand, Akıncı mentioned that the issue of guarantees hasn’t been negotiated yet and they have left the guarantee issue to the end because firstly they want to guarantee the establishment of the structure.

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Akıncı added that some formulas can be found so that the Turkish Cypriots will feel security in the solution, and the other side will not feel threatened.


Speaking at the meeting, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that the Louizidu case which was ruled at the European Court of Human Rights indicated the continuation of the rights of the title owner but the Dimopulos case emphasized rights of the user of the property and this will form the basis of the Property Commission.

On the issue of Property, Colak said that resolution of the disputed properties might take a long time and she expressed her belief that the work of the Commission can be speeded up.

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  1. You say the persons name on the kocan has the right to the property but what if a greek has a kocan with their name on and a turk has a kocan with their name on…our families fought for what we have and what ever we have we have bought with our hard earned money and not to give it back…leave the two sides as it is two seperate states and a no to the referedum. I have gone to school and worked with greek cypriots they are tought from a young age to hate the turks this l was told straight from a greek cypriot from the uk…being a turkish cypriot l do not want to live with them again and l want my children to learn turkish as their first language, Reading in the papers if they take over they will have greek as the first language then what will happen to us. We have lived fir 40years this way lets leave it this way.

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