December 5, 2022

The Chinese House

Restaurant, Girne

birthday treat


By Margaret Sheard….

A family birthday for my sister, together with a visit by her daughter, meant choosing somewhere for a nice meal to celebrate and having seen that the Chinese House, on the road to Karaoğlanoğlu, had recently had major refurbishment we decided this was the place to go so we could see for ourselves what had been done.Brenda, Lesley, Margaret

We arrived at the entrance and all I could say was “wow”, the transformation is spectacular, the whole of the original garden frontage is now an outside decked dining area with a beautiful water feature and oriental garden, in fact it is very difficult to describe and as we made our way along the walkway which has under-floor lighting it was hard just trying to take everything in.

Water feature

Hűseyin Kanbur welcomed us and showed us to our table where we proceeded to make a choice from the extensive menu.  We ordered drinks and nuts and prawn crackers arrived to tempt us while we were still deciding on a choice we could share.  We were also pleased to see Hűseyin’s wife, Ilknur and son Utku while we were there.

More and more people kept arriving and eventually the dining area was completely full.  Our food appeared, beautifully presented and we proceeded to twirl the “lazy susan” and help ourselves to the delicious Chinese food we had ordered.

Chinese meal

Following the meal I wandered around to see the rest of the transformation and was delighted to see the kitchen in full view through a large decorated glass window.  By this time I was at the original building and noted the previously extended glass sided area was still there which will be used in the winter months, as well as the inside of the original building.

Of course I have a very soft spot for the Chinese House which is on the land of the original Newman’s Farm, about which I did a huge amount of research, with the assistance of the present Original entranceday Newman family in the UK and also Hűseyin of the Chinese House, who helped me to put the story together.

I was pleased to see that the original house is still as it was when Pat, the grand-daughter of the original Newman’s farm owners, visited us with her husband last year to see where she had lived for the first year of her life before the family moved back to the UK in 1959.  We also had a very brief visit last year from the great grand-daughter, Lara, who lives in Australia and was touring Europe on her honeymoon with her new husband.   It was lovely showing them around so they could discover their roots and Hűseyin was so helpful in opening up the restaurant during the day so they could see inside the original building and also for a Vox Pop TV interview by Engin Dervisağa with Pat and her husband Fred,  Hűseyin and myself, which was televised in the original Newman’s Farm building.

Chinese House kitchen

As I have said, Hűseyin helped tremendously when I first started researching about Newman’s Farm.  We were strangers to him but he immediately produced some very old prints of the farm which he allowed us to take away to scan.  He also advised us of people we could perhaps talk to who might be able to give some information.

Gradually the story started to evolve and grow and the end result can be seen on our website on the following links and by inserting Newman’s Farm in the search box at the bottom of the home page where there are many more articles on this subject from people who remember the farm when they were young and were able to share some of their memories.

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In the meantime, if you want to have a nice authentic Chinese meal in beautiful surroundings why not try the Chinese House, you will not be disappointed.   Booking is recommended.



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