May 31, 2023

The Neil Diamond Tribute

Act is supporting  Help

Those With Cancer

Association (Tulips)


We have received great news from Sue Tilt and Carole King from Tulips that Jeff Phillips a regular visitor to Northern Cyprus  and a highly successful entertainer who has a stunning Neil Diamond tribute act, has offered his services free to help Tulips and the necessary permissions have been obtained from the local authorities and he will be performing as detailed under:


BollywJeff Phillips Neil Diamond Tribute show.oods Restaurant, Karakum on 18th and 19th September.

For our local readers, please call 0533 848 2010 to book your table.

Punjab Restaurants, Lapta on 22nd and 25th September.

For our local readers, please call 0548 825 6779 to book your table.

The Neil Diamond Tribute Act has previously been a sell-out so do call you preferred venue to book your table and note that both venues are offering a set menu at 65TL and 5TL per meal will be donated by the restaurants to Tulips.

8 thoughts on “The Neil Diamond Tribute Act is supporting Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips)

  1. Hi Chris and Margaret You are honestly doing a fantastic job! A Big well done! John

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    1. Hello John, thank you for your kind words.

      At times it’s so hard when we have to dig in and go the extra mile with whatever subject we are covering and its at times like this we realise it was worth the effort

  2. Sorry they are charging 65TL and the act Jeff is kindly offering his services free yet there is only a donation of 5tl per meal. Come on don’t be so mean!!!!!

  3. Hi guys I would love to know how much I did finally raise for the tulips charity ? Really enjoyed everyone’s lovely comments and had a great time in the TRNC

    1. As promised Jeff we have had the following news from Tulips:

      “The total raised from the 4 events came to 5,766TL. A huge thank you to Jeff Phillips for an amazing amount raised.

      Sue and Carole”

      We also quoted this news in a further promotional article click here

      When you are next in TRNC again, if you are planning to do similar events for charities, do keep in contact as we can tell our world wide audience which may help increase the potential donations.

  4. Really pleased with the amount raised. Hopefully see you all in the TRNC next year thank you

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