Wedding bellsDavid and Nicky Montgomery

Wedding Day


By Margaret Sheard…..

On Friday 11th September we went along to the Eminem Restaurant in Çatalköy to take some photographs of a very special day which was the wedding of David Montgomery and Nicky Montgomery.

David and Nicky MontgomeryThe bride arrived looking stunning in a long beautifully designed dress and the groom looked equally as stunning in his full Montgomery clan attire.

The area of the restaurant where the ceremony was to be conducted was beautifully decorated and a traditional brick arch had an inner arched floral display where Marion Stuart was standing by to give the blessing following the official civil marriage ceremony which had been held earlier in the day.  Guests for weddingThe couple sat at a table under the arch while the ceremony was being conducted, there were some personal speeches and then the couple exchanged rings and signed a certificate, together with their witnesses, with quill pens.

During the ceremony Amelia Mehmet sang a beautiful song to the Amelia Mehmetcouple.  It was a really nice touch to the ceremony.

Nicky is well-known for her involvement with Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) and Amelia, who sang to them, is also a member of KADS.

I originally thought the ceremony was a renewal of vows, but no, it was an actual marriage and David told us later that he and Nicky met in the UK some 11 years ago and after only 3 weeks she moved in with him and shortly after they decided to move to North Cyprus.   So after 11 years they thought maybe it was time to tie the knot.

Speeches for the bride and groom

This was a lovely setting for a wedding, the restaurant is set into a hillside with a tiered front entrance and a lovely garden with a cave in the rock backdrop with water cascading into a pool. From the first floor restaurant area there is a magnificent sea view.

Man and wife

Cyprusscene would like to wish David and Nicky many more years of happiness together.

There are more photographs of this lovely wedding in the slideshow below.

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