Government cracks down on expat singers

Reported by: Cyprus Today newspaper


By Chris Elliott

Reading the front page of the Cyprus Today newspaper of the 12th September we are greeted with an exclusive report that the Government is cracking down on illegal entertainers and those who use them.

Wherever we chose to live and perhaps work around the world, there will be a black economy which is driven by those who do not wish to obey the laws of the land and contribute to the country’s economy.

So is it any surprise that suddenly the TRNC authorities have started to crack down on illegal entertainers and those who use them?

Cyprus Today 12 September fron page

No is the answer and this action has been brought about by a bitter campaign by a few illegal entertainers who tried every trick in the book to denigrate and bully some legal entertainers using social media and also newspapers to justify their cause. How can you do this and justify being illegal and expect to remain unnoticed by the authorities.

The fact is you can’t and a few foolhardy individuals have brought the whole question of illegal entertainers working into the authority’s radar zone and now action is being taken to control these illegal activities.

Cyprus Today 12 September page 6

Just reading this self same newspaper week in week out, we have seen adverts for restaurants some of which seem to include illegal entertainers who are also seen from time to time being featured on leisure pages and if you and I can read about them, so can the authorities!

One thing is for certain if All Stars Agency Promotions closes at the end of October or later in the year, at that time, there will be no legal expat entertainers so then we can look forward to being entertained by our Turkish Cypriot friends which is no bad thing although choice of expat entertainers would also have been nice.

There we have it and we can all thank those small number of foolish and bitter individuals who lit the fuse of discontent and animosity that has turned into an entertainers meltdown!