June 27, 2022

North Cyprus Forum is Re-Launched


 By the NCF management…….

Nigel Watson 1Since the sad passing of the owner of North Cyprus Forum, Nigel Watson in March of  2014,  the moderators of this forum have bravely and successfully continued to manage the forum but without development work it had started to fade away.

Nigel’s dream was to have a forum where members could meet without the fear of bullying and for news to be shared across the community for the benefit of everybody.

With this concept in mind, friends of North Cyprus Forum who have their own websites have helped with the start of the redevelopment of this forum and are now sharing their quality news and reviews so a greater audience is reached.

North Cyprus Forum is now starting to grow rapidly again with new members arriving daily and all that is needed now is for the membership to start posting their news  and thoughts for it to become again the STAR of North Cyprus  forums.

Every reader of this article is welcome to visit the forum by clicking here

North Cyprus Forum promo image

5 thoughts on “North Cyprus Forum is Re-Launched

  1. Have not been able to access forum, is there a known problem or just me?

    1. We are in the Forum at the moment, so no problem. Suggest you refresh your browser cache by hitting control F5.

      We have noticed a couple of times a 404 error comes up but then the Forum loads after a few seconds, so it is probably a browser issue rather than a forum issue.

  2. Cannot get on again. Plus there is a msg on Lemon Grove forum asking if others are having problems. 404 error

    1. Sorry David there is some site maintenance work in preparation for a long overdue upgrade and if you try now you will be able to read and comment again. In the later case of course you need to be a member.

  3. Thanks Chris. I know the person asking on LGC is a forum member as well that is why she was concerned. What was life like before computers, let alone all this fancy stuff!!!! lol

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