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Heidi Trautmann – New book coming soon

New book by Heidi Trautmann

Art and Creativity in North Cyprus – Vol II


By Margaret Sheard….

Art and Creativity in North Cyprus

Art and Creativity in North Cyprus Volume I

Most people who know Heidi Trautmann in the art and culture field will be aware of her additional talent of writing, not only as a contributor to various newspapers in the past, but also books and she has been tirelessly working on her second book in the series “Art and Creativity in North Cyprus”.   At last it is finished and has gone to print, and she must be feeling very pleased and proud of her achievement.

Art and Creativity in North Cyprus

Art and Creativity in North Cyprus Volume II (launch in September)

Heidi has recently published on her own website that the book is now complete, and this is what she has said:-

Dear friends,

Finally…and with a huge sigh of relief… my book Volume II of ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus’ has gone into print. It was a very long pregnancy.

The book has 614 pages and includes three chapters, the Worlds of Literature and Theatre and an Addendum to Volume I, i.e. Visual Arts and an update of some art institutions.  You may find the table of contents on my website, or in the link here attached.  (Note: we have reproduced this link in PDF format and the table of contents can be viewed by clicking here 

The Deputy of Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Sports and Culture have taken over the printing costs for which I First day of printingam very grateful. On the basis of an open bidding the printing company ECOPRINT in North Cyprus was selected and is now executing the job including hard cover and jacket. I was told that the job will be finished by the end of August.

I am planning to have the launch of the book at the National Archive and Research Centre in Kyrenia in mid-September, its director Gökhan Şengör has accepted my application, especially with regard to a small exhibition of the artists and writers work (art works, theatre posters, books).Printing

I will send out the press release and the invitations in due time.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all contributors and those who have been helping me along with editing, translating and interpreting, editing again and again, and to fill me with courage when I lost hope. See all names on the table of contents above (PDF format).

The technical team: Léonie Brittain (English editing), Nazif Bozatlı (translation into Turkish and interpreting and assistance in many ways) and Feyha Avçisoyu (translation into Turkish), Ayça Soygür Çıralı (Turkish editing), Yiğit er Yiğit and Okman Printing (graphic design) Marcos Gittis (assistance in final set-up), Nilgün Güney (cover design), Tüneysel Yayağlı and Umut Ersoy (interpreting during interviews).

We will be looking forward to the launch of Heidi’s book in September at the National Archive and Research Centre (Milli Arşiv) in Kyrenia and feel sure there will be many people who will be there to congratulate Heidi on her work.

To view the art and culture scene in North Cyprus visit Heidi’s website at