TRNC News Today 7th August – additional news item

TRNC News Today 7th August 2015  

Additional news item


Infrastructure works at sea and ashore in final phase

Infrastructure works of the TRNC Water Supply Project at sea and ashore are in the final phase. 500-meter-long last piece of the underwater supply line, which is 5 km offshore, has been fitted with a ceremony today.

Joining the pipes 500

The next stage is lowering the newly-fitted pipe into the sea, emptying the seawater and starting to supply fresh water.

Water is expected to reach Lefkoşa by the end of October at the first stage.  52% of the supply line ashore has been fitted.

The Turkish Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs – Veysel Eroğlu, the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food – Önder Sennaroğlu and some other authorities attended the ceremony.

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