The Main Event on BRT Radio 08/08/2015 – Kim Betts from KAR

The Main Event with Denise Phillips


Kim Betts from KAR


By Denise Phillips……

For my show this week we had a visit to The Main Event studio from Kim Betts who works for Kyrenia Animal Rescue and she talked about a numbeDenise Phillips and Kim Betts imager of important issues and projects that they are concentrating on.

Many of our listenders will be aware of Kim’s work spearheading the KAR Pet Travel unit and I have read many of the great articles she has written about some of the animals in her care and also the experiences of some of the animals at the KAR Rescue Centre and also some of the animals that have travelled with KAR Pet Travel.

Do join Kim and I on the Main Event this week on Saturday 8th August at 15.00pm when you can hear some of Kim’s favourite songs and you can reach this show wherever you are online by following the links below.

This show will also be repeated on Sunday 9th August at 11.00am to 12.00 noon.

Happy listening and do have a great week

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