TRNC News Today 7th August 2015 – FM Çolak: “We should push the limits for solution”

TRNC News Today 7th August 2015

Foreign Minister Çolak: “We should push the limits for solution”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak said that she considers her new duty as pushing all limits for expressing the position of the Turkish Cypriots in International Relations. Making a statement to Daily Kıbrıs, Foreign Minister Çolak emphasized that while the negotiations continue in order to reach a settlement in Cyprus, we need to tell the whole world our desire for a solution as Turkish Cypriots. Stating that she will be able to contribute to the negotiations in the context of external contacts, Çolak added “The process is gaining dynamism with the contribution of foreigners as well. We will tell the world of the expectations and problems of the Turkish Cypriots and what might disturb them during this process”.

Emine Colak

On the other hand, Çolak stated that there is a connection in the international dimension between three guarantor states as well as Cyprus on the issue of Guarantees and Security and Alliance Agreements, adding that guarantees should be discussed with joint consensus according to the needs of both communities.

Veysel Eroğlu to attend ceremony to mark fitting of last piece

Turkish Minister of Forestry and Water – Veysel Eroğlu has arrived on the island today to attend a ceremony to mark ‘the fitting of the last piece’ as part of the TRNC Water Supply Project. Eroğlu will attend the ceremony to mark ‘the fitting of the last piece’ as part of the TRNC Water Supply Project as well as a presentation on the project.

Last piece fitted

Eroğlu will meet with President Mustafa Akıncı at the Presidency at 02.30pm,  as well as with Prime Minister – Ömer Soyer Kalyoncu at the Prime Minister’s Office, and also with the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food – Önder Sennaroğlu at 04.00pm. Eroğlu will leave the island after the meetings at 6.30pm.

Sözen: “Another year needed for technical works”

International Relations expert Prof. Dr Ahmet Sözen, who made some evaluations for the Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs Postası, said that good progress has been made in the Cyprus negotiations.

Prof. Dr Ahmet SözenStating that more work needs to be done on a technical level, Sözen said that at least one more year is needed for reaching a possible settlement. Sözen stated that a new constitution and legislation needs to be prepared for the federal state to be established in case of a settlement. Stating that it is important, how prepared the both communities are on the road to a settlement, Sözen said that a new range of Confidence Building Measures has to be introduced and the co-operation between the two communities needs to be encouraged.  Sözen said: “The people should see that a mutual co-operation is possible. They need to be prepared for a settlement. If there will be a federation, the co-operation between the two communities needs to be encouraged until the referendum”.

Stating that reaching a compromise on the property issue at the negotiation table would be the most important technical step, Sözen said that properties have to be categorized as restitution, exchange and compensation. He also said: “Leaders are at the beginning of the road on the property issue. They have not discussed yet what would be returned, exchanged or compensated. Who would have the last word?  The original owner or the current owner?  It would take time to discuss all these”.

41-year mystery to be solved: NORATLAS has been found

Greeks brought down the Greek military transport aircraft by “friendly fire” during the 1974 Peace Operation. 32 Greek commandos were buried together with the plane at first.  Remains were sent to Greece at the request of the family and it was found out that the remains belonged to others. Now, the Greeks have started the excavation after the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and located the tail of the aircraft.Noratlas plane

The Greek commandos’ scandal, a “black spot” in Greek history, was realized as follows:-  On July 21st 1974, the second day of Turkish troops on the island, 195th anti-aircraft battalion Lieutenant Colonel Yannidis Konstantinos, who protected the only airport under the Greek control in Nicosia, saw the approaching aircraft in the sky and he gave the fire order because he thought them to be Turkish aircraft. Anti-aircraft battalion dropped one of the aircraft and caused heavy damage to three.  But the aircraft was carrying the soldiers of the 1st Greek Commando Regiment from Crete to Cyprus with a fleet of 15 vehicles.  32 soldiers died and one survived by jumping from the Greek carrier aircraft NORATLAS.  Greeks gathered the remains of the dead and they were buried with the plane. Then they built a military memorial Timvos Makedonitisan along with the 449 Greek soldiers who died in the Peace Operation.

In 1979, graves of the Greek commando’s were re-dug and their bodies sent to Athens. The symbolic tombs stayed in the military cemetery in Nicosia.  The Greek families buried their corpses in another military cemetery with a funeral in Athens.  Some of the families opened the graves due to rumours in 1990, DNA testing was done, and the scandal exploded at the end of it. It was found out that at least 10 of the bodies did not belong to the Greek commandos. The Greek families applied to ECHR. The case was concluded last year and the court made a decision in order to find the true bodies. The Greeks received the first result of the excavations which continued during a year. The Greek Cypriot officials said they found the tail of the aircraft and they will reach the bones within a month. (Kıbrıs Postası)

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