August 20, 2022

United Cyprus Blood, Organ or Bone

Marrow Donation


By Chris Elliott……

Denise Housego Phillips of Bayrak International Radio recently posted an appeal in a number of Facebook pages and groups asking for donors to come fDenise Phillips imageorward to make donations as shown.

“B positive person required URGENTLY to donate thrombosites for critically ill patient in hospital. Because of the procedure to collect the thrombosites the doner needs to be male and under 45 . I have just been informed of this as one of my lovely friends has just put herself forward. Come on guys….. there is someone out there who can save a life …”

Following these postings, Wendy Smith of the Lady and Lad in Red became involved and made many phone calls and eventually contacted Steve Collard the Operations Director of the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV) here in North Cyprus and after many more phone calls and communications  6 suitable people caWendy Smith and Steve Collardme forward offering to donate thrombosites and I understand today from Denise that the patient has received a donation and is now recovering in hospital.

It just goes to show that the social media pages can be harnessed to achieve great things and we have just seen that a new Facebook group has been formed to attract those that want to help others both in North and South Cyprus.

Cyprusscene will set up a number of quick link icons so that our readers can make contact with these NGO groups that can offer help in the case of an emergency.

United Cyprus Blood Organ and bone marrow donation page

United Cyprus Blood, Organ or Bone Marrow Donation

By Sholeh Zahraei
on Facebook

Dear All,

I have created this group in memory of all people who have lost their lives depending on someone else’s blood, organ or help…Please join, add your friends to it and share so more people can benefit of it! If you have any suggestions and thoughts please share them with me here or better in the group. It’s a start, it will need co-operations, support and promotion. We all can help each other in one way or another. Remember that we all might become dependent on someone else’s blood or organ or help…Thank you!

A group to gather all people interested in blood, organ or bone marrow donation all over the island, across the borders. Thank you for being a hero!

We are all humans and have the same blood, and we all basically aspire to the same thing which is simply to live. Each and every single one of us can one day become dependent on someone else’s blood or organ..

The Cyprus conflict has been going on for over 50 years.

The aim of this group is to break down the barriers between the two parts of the island. 
Rather than “out of date” policies, we need “out of the box” solutions. Let’s show the world that together we can.

See this as the ultimate expression of reconciliation.

A dialog by demonstrating two peoples’ shared humanity through the common bond of blood.
Things that were impossible to imagine less than a year ago are in full swing today.

Nothing is impossible. Together we can!  

Click here to visit this Facebook group and also CESV click here

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