June 30, 2022

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

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Windows 10 – How to get it without the Reservation Icon

By Ralph Kratzer

Internet connectionsMany users of legal versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 got a notification in form of a small icon onto their computers several weeks ago, sent by Microsoft, that they have the right to reserve a free upgrade to the brand new Windows 10 operating system.

That’s what I’ve done promptly and believe it or not, almost in time for the announced release date of Windows 10 (29 July 2015), the new system had been automatically downloaded to my laptop and I could install it successfully.

My first impression of Windows 10: It’s very similar to the good old Windows 7 but also offers several new features, which I haven´t had the time to test yet. Only when you start your computer, the screen remains dark for some time, so you have the impression that something goes wrong. But with a little patience you then finally get the familiar Windows 7 desktop on the screen.

My girlfriend has a much newer laptop with legally acquired Windows 8 and did not get the notification for reserving Windows 10. I am afraid she is not the only one….

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

So I decided to find out if I can get a free Windows 10 download for her in another way. After some research on the web and reading a number of more or less useless tips from Microsoft, I found the correct download tool and could get started.

The download actually worked, but, together with the subsequent installation of the operating system, it took hours and hours before the laptop was operational again. And for some inexplicable reasons the touchpad for the cursor was disabled during the installation, but I could fix that relatively quickly.

But, readers, be careful! This way of upgrading is only for the experienced user. And before downloading the installer you have to make sure if you have a 32 bit or a 64 bit CPU in your computer. This information can be found under “System Information” in your current operating system. For your help, I’ve added a useful link how to find it.

So who feels up to it, can now download the new Windows 10 for free for a limited time (Microsoft speaks of 1 year).

Note: PLEASE, make sure you have a legally acquired Windows 7 or 8.1 version on your computer (with all updates installed until now), read the instructions in the download tool carefully and do not make ME responsible afterwards if something does not work !!!!!

Here are the necessary links:

1. How do I determine if I have a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU? – click here

2. Download Tool for Windows 10 – click here

Disk CleanupP.S. After installation you will find out that you have about 15 GB less space on your harddisk. Don´t worry , the new operating system saves big parts of the former version in a special folder. These data will be either automatically deleted after about 1 month or you delete it manually with the Disk Cleanup tool on your computer, as soon as you are sure you want to keep Windows 10 as your operating system and not reinstall the former version.

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  1. Hi Ralph, you mention in your post that your girlfriend has windows 8 on her laptop. I’m sure you know this but she needs windows 8.1 on her laptop to get the upgrade to windows 10. She can upgrade from 8 to 8.1 for free, she also needs all the latest updates to get the notification. John.

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