June 29, 2022

SeAngle Bar, Çatalköy

Charity Quiz Night for NCCCT


By Margaret Sheard….

There was a double occasion at the SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy on Saturday 1st August.  Not only was there a Music Happy Birthday JamieQuiz for charity with Jamie (the Man in Black) – this time for the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) – but it was also Jamie’s 58th birthday.  Happy Birthday Jamie.

The SeAngle is a lovely venue in the centre of Çatalköy with a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and there was a large number of people who had come along to try their skill at the music quiz and to also support a local charity – NCCCT so there was a nice friendly atmosphere as Jamie commenced with his songs and questions.

Among the familiar faces were NCCCT’s Angela Hasman l-r Pauline Collins and Angela Hasman (NCCCT)(Chairman) and Pauline Collins (Vice Chairman) and Carole Lloyd, a long time supporter who does a great job with the raffles at their various events.   At this time in the year most charities take a break from the excessive heat but in September we will be able to look forward to the ever popular monthly coffee mornings again.

Jamie continued with getting everyone thinking with his songs and questions and after the papers had been checked it was revealed that a team called “The Twats” had the highest score.  The amount collected for the quiz was 150TL which is normally shared equally between the winners and the charity.  The winners decided to donate their share so NCCCT received the total amount of 150TL.

Angela Hasman said a few words to the guests about the charity and how their funds are used and there then followed a raffle with 5 lovely prizes to be won.   I am usually very lucky with raffle tickets at NCCCT events and this one was no exception, in fact I had 2 winning tickets but decided to forego the second one, as did some other guests, but eventually all of the prizes were taken and Jamie then continued with his music and some of the guests took the opportunity to get up and dance.

At the end of the event NCCCT received 425TL made up of 150TL from the quiz, 235TL from the raffle and a further 40TL which was donated by two people at the bar.  A nice amount for the funds of NCCCT to continue their good work.

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