June 27, 2022

Internet forums in TRNC

there are such and such

By Ralph Kratzer

ForumActually, an Internet forum, or message board, is a useful and helpful thing. One is linked with many other members, can ask for help, get sometimes useful tips, read the latest information from one´s social environment or just use it for a friendly chat with like-minded people. In general it is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.



But unfortunately a forum can also be used by some people to bring others into disrepute, for insulting, violating others privacy, bullying or generally badmouthing.

This of course applies equally to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Co.

A friendly forum in the TRNC is North Cyprus Forum which had been founded and successfully operated for a long time by our friend and well-known member of our community of foreigners, Nigel Watson, who sadly died in March last year. To remember Nigel – click here!

North Cyprus ForumUnfortunately, since his death the interest for his forum decreased more and more, what is strange on the one hand because it continues to be operated by other administrators and supervisors. On the other hand, it was of course especially Nigel, who tirelessly contributed news and information, authored and answered comments and held the forum free of unwanted posts. He was the one who simply filled it with life.

Therefore, dear readers of this website, visit the North Cyprus Forum, get yourself registered, and start sharing information with other expats in TRNC, ask questions, give advice, offer something for sale, look for a tool or something else you actually need, and so on… a forum can be used for many things. But please, only for positive and good things!

Note: Click the bold underlined links to get to North Cyprus Forum

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