June 27, 2022

Esentepe Beach Development

 Project Update 29th June 2015


By Graham Brown…….

I promised our readers I would give an update on the Esentepe Beach Development project and so I went along a few days ago to take some photographsEsentepe Beach Plans from the east and west ends of the beach which show what is currently happening there.

Here is a few observations of the activities that I viewed. Firstly I discovered they are not drilling for water but boring holes in preparation for the planting of  trees They have also started to build the steps or path down from the road down to the beach area.

From the last time I was on the beach, I noted that they have now started to lay the bricks in the restaurant building so things are moving ahead very nicely.

I will bring you a further news update of this exciting project very soon but in the meanwhile do visit my website click here for more news of Esentepe and the surrounding area.

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