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TRNC News Today 25th June 2015

Burcu : “Every subject is on the table”

Presidential spokesman Barıs Burcu indicated that in spite of the fact that there is no timetable, every subject is on the table at the Cyprus negotiations process. At a live press conference yesterday Burcu said that this was his first press conference since Akinci came to office; he said he hoped to continue with more Baris Burcupress conferences in the future. Burcu said the aim of the press conference was to brief the press on the negotiation process and what had been achieved up to now.

Burcu said that on the subject of territory criteria studies were made but the map and percentages were not discussed. Burcu touched on previous statements by Akinci where he said that he was not a magician with a magic wand; what he meant here was that if there were no reciprocal efforts from other parties, it would be hard to find a settlement on the island. He said everyone needed to ‘put their hand’ under the stone. He recapped on Akinci’s three dimensional approaches to the process – psychological, physical and tangible dimensions.  He noted that the new jargon and new process was supported by actions of the leaders both in social meetings and with confidence building measures. Burcu said that on the subjects of Security and Guarantees, only the internal security was discussed and there were 5 papers on these subjects. Burcu explained that one of the principles Akinci wanted was to have a speedy and effective negotiation process with the participation of the UN. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed principle is still in play here today he added. Despite wanting a speedy process, there was no timetable.

On the issue of territory, percentage, locations, names or maps have not been exchanged up to now. Burcu said the 4th Leaders’ meeting to be held on the 29th of June would move onto the discussion of the core issues. Whilst the Leaders negotiate, the technical committees will also be contributing to this. Responding to one question, Burcu said that the process was at a more advanced stage than it had been originally. He said they saw until now that the GC negotiating teams had good will; they wanted political courage from them now as Akinci was leading. On another question regarding Varosha and a feasibility study on it, Burcu said that this was a matter which was part of Akinci’s election propaganda; at present there was no urgent need for a study. But if there is, this can be looked into. Burcu said that with the 4th Leaders’ meeting a new phase will be entered and continued: “Searching and scanning have been completed. We are starting the substantial negotiations on 29th June with the 4th Leaders’ meeting.”

Akıncı received Vlah and Schoepff

Irina VlahPresident Mustafa Akıncı received Gagauzia President Irina Vlah and Germany’s Ambassador to South Cyprus Nikolai von Schoepff separately yesterday. No statement was made regarding the meetings held at the TRNC Presidency.



Akıncı appointed Dizdarlı to position of Ombudsman

President Mustafa Akıncı appointed Emine Dizdarlı to the position of Ombudsman which has been vacant since 12 November 2012.

In his statement, Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu said that appointment has been approved by the Assembly and the necessary procedures are expected to be completed after the summer vacation of the Assembly.

Negotiators to meet again tomorrow

Nami and Mavroyannis

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis will meet again tomorrow.

The Negotiators will meet at the buffer zone, at Ledra Palace Hotel between 10:00-13:00.



Kalyoncu nominated as the Prime Minister

CTP party leader Mehmet Ali Talat has said that they decided to nominate CTP Girne MP Omer Kalyoncu as the Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Talat 3however this needs to be approved by President Mustafa Akıncı .to form the new cabinet.

Talat said: “The principal aim is a sustainable structure and welfare of the people.”

Speaking to the press, Talat said that the party assembly had agreed to give the duty to Kalyoncu. After Kalyoncu holds the necessary discussions, he will hand over the list to President Akinci for his endorsement.

Talat indicated that Kalyoncu would be meeting with the political parties next week.

Talat said that discussions with the other parties will start on Monday and reiterated that the present government under the presidency of Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancıoğlu will continue until the new government will be formed.

“Measures should serve for a solution which can be mutually accepted”

During the monthly meeting organized by the Slovak Embassy towards Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot political parties, political party representatives underlined that measures to be taken should serve for a solution which can be approved by the two sides mutually.

In the meeting which was hosted by Democrat Party National Forces (DP-UG), the views about “the need for steady Oksana Tomovaand real confidence building measures due to the resumption of negotiations” were discussed upon the proposal of DP-UG.

At the end of the meeting, the joint text agreed was read by Slovak Ambassador to South Cyprus Oksana Tomova.

The joint text underlined that confidence building measures should concern everyone in the island and make everyone’s life better in a way. The issue of how to take the necessary steps was also discussed.

It was stated that the next meeting towards the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot political parties was decided to be held on 16 September.

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