June 29, 2022

Sheila Mawhinney and Brenda Green

By Chris Elliott…….

Whether you just want a book to read or perhaps you are researching a subject, it’s nice to know that there are a number of places you can visit for information and this week I visited the Kyrenia Society Library to seek information on a number of past UK public figures I was researching.

The Kyrenia Society Library was first formed in 1977 by expats and is situated behind the main Post Office in Girne, adjacent to the Law Courts Kyrenia Society Library (8)and is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 10am and 12pm.

Everyone is welcome to join the library which is staffed by volunteers and annual subscriptions are 20TL for a single member, 35TL for joint membership and 15TL for 3 months temporary membership, which run from April to the end of March.

From April 2016 annual subscriptions are 25TL for a single member, 40TL for joint membership and 15TL for 3 months temporary membership, which run from April to the end of March.

There is a wide and varied selection of books available comprising approx. 10,000 fiction and a further 6,000 assorted non-fiction and  in addition they  also have a selection of “talking books” and a small junior section.

For those local readers who perhaps may have books that they have finished with, the library are happy to accept any donations of books so that others may have the opportunity of enjoying them.

Volunteers are alway welcome to help and enquiries should be made at the library or to Sheila Mawhinney on 0533 833 3228.

When I visited the library it was very busy with Chairman Sheila Mawhinney and Secretary Brenda Green and a number of other volunteers helping visitors who were either returning books or making selections of fresh books to take away and read.

2 thoughts on “Kyrenia Society Library

  1. Been a member from first few weeks of being here and still not run out of reading material.
    I do not understand people who would rather pay 3tl per book at markets when they have a choice of thousands for 25tl per year.

    Well done and thank you to all the volunteer’s who give up their time to ensure we are all well read.

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