June 25, 2022

Island Dream – Young Musical

Talent in Bellapais


By Heidi Trautmann…..

Young talents,….many people think these talented young people have been given a cornucopia at their birth and they only have to shake it and their talent develops beautifully. It is not so. The prerequisite of an extraordinary talent is first of all to start at a very young age and that requires parents that are willing to go along with it, it requires good teachers and it requires the preparedness of the child to endure many hours a day of work, forget about playing with friends, forget about so many things other children enjoy, especially where music is concerned. Music is a universe by itself and if you don’t follow its hard rules you will never succeed to understand its riches and its implications.

Within the framework of the 19th International Bellapais Music Festival in North Cyprus we went to listen to four such young talents Suna Alsancak (7 years, piano), Khashayar Khosravian (18 years – piano), Halide Kizilyürek (17 years – violin), Korkmaz Can Saglam (16 years – piano). They all started at a young age as I can read in their biography. I have heard Suna, the youngest, play at the age of five, that was the age when Rauf Kasimov took over her music education. Through his powerful tuition many of other young Cypriot talents have done their entrance into the world of music and he will certainly try to accompany them as long as possible on the hard Rauf Kasimov and Suna Alsancak in Izmirroad to perfection. Suna and Rauf Kasimov have just returned from a competition in Izmir, where Suna received a first prize in her age group. I had heard her play when she was just five years old but already full of confidence.

It was a pleasure to listen to the young people and they were all received with love and respect by the audience. They all have a different background music education and were of different age groups so it is only fair of me not to judge them one by one, they will certainly find out themselves how far their obvious talent will take them in life. Some may decide that to survive in life they will have to choose another profession and some may continue to heights we cannot yet see clearly. I wish them the courage to make the right decision and the strength to live the life of a musician if they decide to go ahead. It certainly will have influenced and marked them for life and will have enriched their personality and perception of humanity.

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See the video below of Suna Alsancak, an amazing talented young lady.




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