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TRNC News Today 12th June 2015

Full day meeting expected today and Monday

The Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot Nami and Mavroyiannisnegotiator Andreas Mavroyannis are meeting again today and on Monday 15 June. The full day meeting started at 09:30 today at the UN Good Offices Mission at the buffer zone. This is the third meeting this week and it’s reported that they will meet again on Monday 15 June, ahead of the leaders meeting on Wednesday 17 June at which the UN Secretary- General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide will also be ready.

Akıncı: “We should make effort for ensuring some things without delaying them until after a solution”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that a solution to the Cyprus problem will open a lot of doors, will solve many things that seem unresolvable but, he added. an effort should be made for ensuring some things without delaying them until after a solution.Mustafa Akinci

President Akıncı attended the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMRY) ‘opening night’ the previous evening at Karpaz Gate Marina.

At the evening which Emry and Caretta Caretta rally participants attended, President Akıncı made a speech and said that beauty can start with dreams, and told that when he was a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism in 1999-2001 the yacht rally dream was also shared with him. Akıncı expressed the pleasure of a dream which came true despite the difficulties.

Akıncı also stated that he has a dream about walking around the walls of Nicosia without interruption since he was the Mayor and compared his dream with the yacht rally dream that can be realized as an activity that surrounds all Cyprus.

The President said he will evaluate the message he received from there, within the framework of confidence-building measures.

Parliamentary delegation holds contacts in Strasbourg

The parliamentary delegation which is composed of CTP Member of Parliament Armağan Candan, UBP Member of Parliament Ersan European Parliament StrasbourgSaner and DP Member of Parliament Fikri Ataoğlu visited Strasbourg where they held bilateral contacts with the Parliamentarians of the European Parliament at the General Assembly of European Parliament. The contacts were centred around the Cyprus issue and the Turkish Cypriot’s expectations from the EU for a contribution on a settlement. The delegation stated that this is an opportunity which should not be missed and it should be well utilized. Moreover; the delegation also stated that Turkish Cypriots are continuing their commitment for a federal solution and it is possible to reach a solution in a reasonable time if the necessary political will is present.

On the other hand; it is emphasized that it is expected from the European Union to support the process while the negotiation process is resuming and to create a positive atmosphere between the two communities. Furthermore; the delegation also gave information about the confidence-building measures which was clarified by the Leaders. The parliamentary delegation made bilateral contacts with many parliamentarians from the Socialist and Democrat Group, Christian Democrat Group, Liberal Group, Greens and Conservative Reformers.

“A committee for the Turkish Cypriot economy is established”

Assembly of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce decided to establish a committee to indicate comments and suggestions for shaping the Turkish Cypriot economy while, KTTOand after a solution, taking into account the probability of finding a bi-communal, bi-zonal, federal solution to the Cyprus problem. In a statement, the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce indicated that they have detected that finalizing the studies for a solution would be possible with intersecting common interests of two communities and the guarantors and during this time it is a requirement for both parties to analyze their own interests and study all details prior to the process. In this context, Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce sees it necessary that the necessities and interests of both communities should be converted into common interests and should contribute to a sustainable and liveable solution.

Hristodulis: “Akıncı and Anastasiades are walking on the same path”

Greek Spokesman Nikos Hristodulis said “Nikos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akıncı are walking on the same path and believe in each other. They will continue social meetings. They are doing it because Akinci and Anastasiades largethey believe in it.”

Steps taken in sequence by the Leaders, in the immediate aftermath of the presidential election which accelerated the negotiation process, continue to make a positive impact on the solution process.

Saying that the two Leaders believe in the solution and trust each other, Hristodulis stated that it will be a difficult process and said: “On the contrary, Greek Cypriots are now closer to a solution compared to the Annan Plan process”. (Havadis Newspaper)

52kms of the underwater portion of water project completed

Environment and Natural Resources Minister Hakan Dinçyürek The Turkey to TRNC Water Projectspeaking yesterday has said that 52kms of the underwater portion of the water project from Turkey has been completed.  Dinçyürek was speaking at the visit by the Union of Municipalities delegation led by Ahmet Benli. At the meeting, Benli presented the Minister with the project they have prepared for the use and running of the water project. The Minister briefed that 52kms of the underwater work had been completed and the land structures in Turkey were also finished. He said the work on land in the TRNC was nearly done and delays had occurred due to the weather.

Elderly Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot residents met at Nicosia’s Bandabuliya

Nicosia Turkish Municipality’s (LTB) branch for elderly citizens and The Lefkosa Bandabuliya 02Nicosia Greek Municipality’s branch for elderly citizens organized a joint event at Nicosia’s Bandabuliya. 20 seniors from each community gathered at the Bandabuliya dancing with the live music performed by Nicosia Turkish Municipality’s orchestra. Mayor Mehmet Harmancı and some members of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality Council and Deputy Mayor of Nicosia Greek Municipality Eleni Loukaidou with some of the council members attended the event.

Kasulidis : “It’s time for a solution”

Greek Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis stated that it’s not the very beginning of the negotiation process and said: “It’s time to make terms and come to a solution.”Ioannis Kasoulides

Kasulidis who spoke to Kıbrıs newspaper, stated that the two Leaders agreed on negotiations to be on the table behind closed doors, and everything will be negotiated with the aim of reaching a solution.

Kasulidis set forth the vision that the calendar is dependent on the progress achieved in negotiations, and agreement quality is more important than timing.

Kasulidis voiced the idea that they can put the full official pending issues in front of the Leaders to negotiate on June 17th and gave the massage that the process will be continued from where it was left. (Kıbrıs Newspaper)

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