News is alive and well! is alive and well!


By Chris Elliott…….

Yes is alive and well although we did receive a few reports over the weekend from some regular readers from around the world that when they tried to load our pages they received “Unable to display this page” notices.

This we found most odd as here in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and the South of Cyprus the readings continued without is back

To try to deal with the problem we emailed key contributors and readers around the world and some reported they had had difficulties but were now finding our pages were showing again.

Still being concerned that our readers’ pleasure was being interrupted we contacted support, our hosting company, and they confirmed that our pages were visible in the US and also in the UK but there were some regional issues with some sites during the time period we reported but those issues have since been resolved. Thank you WordPress for your help!

We are so glad to be back and look forward to receiving the news and reviews that you wish to share with others through

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  1. No problems with getting your excellent website in west Yorkshire England Thank you

  2. I was unable to log on for a few days. Frankly I missed Cyprusscene so much that it occurred to me how dull it would be without this great site.

    • Thank you Ismail.

      Comments like that leave me speechless and its thanks to contributors and readers like yourself that has become a great site.

      Thank you.

  3. Hi, I was also unable to open the links from Karakum/Kyrenia, so missed some of the smashing articles over the weekend