June 27, 2022

2015 Peace Walk from Rome to Jerusalem

through Cyprus


By Chris Elliott…….

Increasingly we are receiving news and information from people around the world and we have just received Paul Hains walking  the Saints Way in Cornwalthe letter below from Paul Haines who will be walking for peace from Rome to Jerusalem.

Paul will be starting his walk at the end of July from Rome to Jerusalem and plans to be in Cyprus at the end of November, having taken a ferry from Turkey. He will then walk from north to south Cyprus and hopes to take a ferry/ship on to Haifa, Israel. He is anticipating he will be walking for about 4/5 days across Cyprus.

If any local readers can offer any advice/information that may be helpful to Paul whilst he is in Cyprus please do email him. Paul needs to find out about a ferry link or shipping from Limassol to Haifa and if this is not available he will have to consider flying to Israel.


2015 Peace Walk from Rome to Jerusalem

Request for a message of peace

“Dear Chris and Margaret,

I am writing to you because I am starting a walk from Rome to Jerusalem in July, following one I completed last year from London to Rome. I would like the focus for this walk to be about peace and reconciliation in the world.

To this end, I would like to carry messages of peace with me as I walk.

I sincerely hope that you could email me a messaPeace walk logoge using the space below, to reach me before my departure in July.

I would like to engage with as many people as possible, before, during and after my walk, and hope to help raise the profile and awareness of peace. As well as the messages, I will wear a symbol of peace, and I will take a book for people to sign. I will also be walking for the charity “Children of Peace”. In my own small way I hope my walk will have some ‘effect’.

www.childrenofpeace.org.uk  (for details about the charity )

Children of peace

[Last year, I walked from London to Rome for the Alzheimers Society and the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity, raising almost £5000. I talked to many people as I walked for 3 months, helping to raise the awareness of the issues connected with dementia and the benefits of music for health.

I started long-distance walking five years ago. Since then I have become increasingly interested in the growing number of rediscovered ancient pilgrim routes, the reasons for the rising popularity of walking these routes, and in a few cases, what motivates people to walk for a particular cause.]

Thank you, from Paul Haines,”

www.peacewalk2015.com (website)

www.justgiving.com/peacewalk2015  (donations)

peacewalk2015@gmail.com  (email)

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