Ulucay announces optical readers

at border gates for speedy access

UlucayNorth Cypriot Minister for Internal Affairs Teberrüken Uluçay has announced that an optical reader will be placed at all border gates in order for speedy and secure access to the country.

Speaking on BRT Uluçay said that they hope to have the optical reader fully functional by the 1 June 2015.

Passport scannerExplaining that work had been continuing for over a year and a half now to make the sea ports, Ercan Airport and all entrances to the country more safe and secure for people, Ulucay said there was a need for the optical reader system to be enforced in the country.

Noting that the new chip ID and passports will be able to be used with the new system, Uluçay said that they had reached the final stages of the project and hoped to put it into force as of the 1st of June.

Source: KP Daily News