June 25, 2022

In Memoriam – Ali Nesim

By Heidi Trautmann….

In memoriam of Ali Nesim….I don’t want to stand back with my thoughts for him, his work and the talks we had Ali Nesimtogether, as on May 08 his friends and colleagues have come together and have honoured him, have handed over a plaquette to Tulay, his wife, have visited his grave, and have attached a name plate to the Muhtar’s Office in Zeytinlik where he had lived and contributed so much to its people, and for so many festivities in Zeytinlik he was present and read from the legends that surround the village. It is thanks to him that I know about the legends.

Under the following link you may read my interview with him, which is part of my new book waiting for the OK by the Ministry to be printed. Ali Nesim with his friendly smile around the eyes and his compassion for mankind and nature.  Tulay, Ali will go on living through his books he gave us.




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