Cyprus Emergency Veterans and the

National Memorial Arboretum


By Chris Elliott……..

It seems hardly a week goes by now when we receive messages and information from readers who have stories to share or are looking to make contact with past friends and increasingly we are finding we are able to help them publish their memories of the past often after further research and also help unite people after almost a lifetime apart..

A fine example of this is the following message from David Littlemore that will be of interest to all readers who would like to understand those very difficult years when many men and women lost their lives trying to keep the peace or just live a normal life in Cyprus.

“From David Littlemore

I read with interest your article on the Suffolk Regiment. and was pleased that some veterans of the Cyprus EmergencNational Memorial Arboretumy are keeping contact with each other. I attended the unveiling of the Memorial at Kyrenia in 2009 and visit it regularly as I have a holiday home in the TRNC.

I visited the National Memorial Arboretum in the UK and was told that they do not have a dedicated memorial to the 371 servicemen who lost their lives in the Cyprus Emergency. I am delighted to tell you that I am now organising the erection of one and hope to have it in place within the next 12 months.

Should anyone be interested then do please contact me on email;”

Click here to read the article David was referring to.


Memorial to British Servicemen on active service who died during the Cyprus Emergency in 1955 to 1959

Memorial to British Servicemen on active service who died iduring the Cyprus Emergency in 1955 to 1959