June 29, 2022

EFRaR – Tulips Fun Day Golf Driving



Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer Association)

By Sue Steel….

ESENTEPE Fun, Run and Ramble 2015 will be holding a Tulips Fun Day Golf Driving Competition on Wednesday, 8th April.

The venue for the event will be the Korineum Golf and Beach Resort driving academy and golfers should meet at 1.45pm to start at 2.00pm.  The event is scheduled to finish around 4pm.

Brian Hills, who is organising the event said: “This year EFRAR has been trying to think of different and interesting events, as part of the overall Tulips Golf Driving Competition imageFun Run, to engage with as many people as possible and we believe we have achieved our aim. We have had several great events already with a jewellery sale coming up and now the golf competition. If we want people to part with money for Tulips, we have to keep coming up with new ideas.”

The idea is each participant will pay 30TL for 30 balls.  The first 25 will be practice balls and the last five will count.  The nearest ball to the target wins and any play off will be decided on the putting green.

Art Watson, Chairman of EFRAR commented: “Brian is our Events Co-ordinator this year and he has come up with some excellent ideas, not least this golf competition. I feel confident there will be a lot of people signing up for this event.”

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Brian Hills on 0533 8333468 or email bevhills0685@aol.co.uk.  All proceeds will go to Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).

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