TRNC News Today 24th March 2015 – Street name changed after 444 years

TRNC News Today 24th March 2015

Name of street changed after 444 years

After long discussions, the name of Piyale Paşa Avenue in Larnaca Piyale Paşa Avenuehas been changed as Minister of Defence of Greek Cypriot Administration Tasos Mitsopulos lost his life last year when he was performing his duty. The 2 kilometer long avenue which took its name from Piyale Paşa who was on duty during the conquering of Cyprus, starts from Larnaca Castle and continues to Mackensi Beach.

In spite of the interventions of especially AKEL authorities, it was decided to change the name of the Turkish avenue as a result of initiatives of DISI, DIKO and EDEK.

Reply from Sennaroğlu to Greek Cypriot Minister of Agriculture

The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Energy Önder Sennaroğlu expressed that a solution method which gives Hellimthe authority only to the Greek Cypriot side to supervise the Turkish Cypriot hellim producers cannot be accepted.

Sennaroğlu stated that the issue of Hellim registration in the EU should be solved by a common agreement that will include the Turkish Cypriots in cooperation with the EU. Evaluating the statement of Kouyialis as unacceptable, Sennaroğlu said that Kouyialis insisted on the Greek Cypriot side’s full and effective supervision.

Furthermore, adding that the Greek Cypriot side is continuing to use hellim registration as a political instrument, Sennaroğlu said that their approach is against the Joint Statement dated 11 February 2014, and the Greek Cypriot side is trying to make the Turkish Cypriot hellim producers accept the Greek Cypriots’ sovereignty by force.

Expressing his wish for the solution of the hellim registration issue within the framework of confidence building measures, Sennaroğlu said that an agreement to be reached will encourage a partnership understanding and will help to reach an agreement in the island.

Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Football Federation speaks to Politis newspaper

In his interview to Greek Cypriot daily Politis, the Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Football Federation Hasan Sertoğlu mentioned the Hasan Sertoğludevelopments experienced in the field of sports in the TRNC recently and expressed his views about the agreement reached with Cyprus Football Federation (KOP) in South Cyprus last year.

Sertoğlu indicated that they could not meet with KOP authorities for a long time due to the scandal football match in the South Cyprus.

Stating what kind of developments will be experienced if the agreement is put into force, Sertoğlu said that Greek Cypriot politicians still have influence on football in South Cyprus but it is not the same in the Turkish Cypriot side where the public opinion is more powerful than the politicians.

Furthermore, Sertoğlu said that according to at least 10 sources from the Greek Cypriot community, the Church is trying to make pressure directly to Kutsokumnis on the issue.

2 units which are aimed to increase capacity of Teknecik are at Gazimagusa Port

Kıbrıs Turkish Electricity Association (KIB-TEK) Director Mehmet Salih Gürkan said that 2 units which are aimed KIBTEKto increase the capacity of Teknecik Power Plant arrived at Gazimagusa Port last weekend and these will start to operate in May.

Director of KIB-TEK Mehmet Salih Gürkan also said that the main machine was made in Italy and the generators were made in Finland and added that the ship departed from Finland.

Recording that an increase of 34 megawatts will be realized in the total power Gürkan added that there will also be a saving in fuel and thus the instalments will be paid from this saving.

MÜSİAD KIBRIS promoted their Geneva Office in Switzerland

After the forum entitled “G20-B20 Turkey Term Presidency, Trade and Investment Opportunities” Independent Industrialists and Musiad Kibris logoBusinessmen Association (MÜSİAD) promoted their Geneva Representative Office.

According to the information given by MÜSİAD,  MÜSİAD Cyprus President Okyay Sadıkoğlu, Permanent Representative of Turkey at the UN Geneva Office Ambassador Mehmet Ferden Çarıkçı, Permanent Representative of Turkey at the World Trade Organization Ambassador Mehmet Haluk Ilıcak, Turkish Ambassador to Bern Mehmet Tuğrul Gücük, Geneva Consul General Nurdan Bayraktar Golder and many businessmen from Turkey, Switzerland, TRNC and other European Countries participated in the activity which took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Geneva.

A message from the TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami was also read in the activity.

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  1. I am still puzzling over the first sentence in the Piyale Pasha piece…..what does it mean? And describing him as ” on duty” during the conquering of Cyprus is a bit of an understatement, isn’t it? As I remember, he was Admiral of the Ottoman fleet.

    • Hello John as you well know we are sharing in our articles, the news feeds we receive daily from the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public Information Office and if you know more of a subject mentioned then do please send us your article and we will be pleased to publish it for the benefit of our worldwide readers who are very interested in the Island of Cyprus and its history and politics.

      Thank you

  2. I cannot pretend……there is a good Wikipedia note on Piyale Pasha’s considerable exploits, which I looked up two days ago. So, not such a feat of memory after all. And he wasn’t even Turkish.

    • Thank you John, perhaps any informatiion or news that has emanated from the Republic of Cyprus needs clarification and as you say our readers can go to Wikepedia or click here for a Larnaca impression of the street and its history.

      Yes you are right in saying he was not Turkish as Wikipedia say’s he was born in Viganj on the Pelješac peninsula, he was of Croatian origin. He was captured in the 1526 Battle of Mohács and became an Ottoman soldier under Turgut Reis. If you would like to learn more of the rise of the Ottoman Empire do have a look at our article by the Groovy Historian with a Vodcast in which it also tells you that some of the Sultans were of mixed marriage. In the UK many folk on the east coast have genes from the Nordic folk and its even been said here in Cyprus that some Turkish and Greek Cypriots share the same roots. Even our dear friend Ismail Veli who is from Lurucina will tell you his family tree has links to a number of ethnic groups.

      You may also like to read a further article by the Groovy Historian about the Decline of the Ottoman Empire.

      Thank you again John for follow our articles.