July 5, 2022

TRNC News Today 23rd March 2015

Lillikas suggested Greece has a pan ethnic conference

The president of Citizens Alliance in South Cyprus Yorgos Lillikas, Yorgos Lillikasclaimed that Cyprus and Greece is facing major national issues which are connected, and it’s time to organize a “Greek Cypriot- Greece pan ethnic conference” to determine a “pan ethnic strategy” in order to confront all the national issues.

According to Fileleftheros newspaper published in South Cyprus, Lillikas who had meetings in Athens the other day, conveyed his thesis to Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kocas and National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, and suggested that the Greek Cypriot side should not return to the Cyprus negotiations because even if Turkey’s Babaros Hayrettin Paşa Ship leaves the area there is no guarantee that the ship might not return.

Greek Orthodox Church “At top speed towards the middle ages”

The Greek Orthodox Church is preparing to take Andreas Pitsillidis to Theology picSen Sinod because of his opinion put forward about being against the opening of a theology school at fall and that theology is a branch of science and should be taught by a university not by the church. The Greek media reported this as “the church is at top speed towards the middle ages”.

According to news in Politis newspaper published in South Cyprus, Pitsillidis who is a theologian, explained that this intention of the church is not logical and if the Greek administration gives permission to the church for opening a theology school, he announced that he will apply to the European courts.

16th anniversary of death of Osman Örek

One of the leaders of Turkish Cypriot people’s struggle for existence, Osman Örek was  commemorated on the 16th anniversary of his death with respect and gratitude .TMT

In his written statement, the President of TMT Fighters Association Osman Bora said that throughout his public service Osman Örek earned an indelible place at the heart of the people and he is still a source of inspiration at this critical stage of struggle for existence.

Bora said: “We will never give up our motherland and never leave the path of Dr. Fazıl Küçük, Rauf R. Denktaş and Osman Örek.”

Bora also indicated that Örek’s works, services and personality is holding light to their way and wished mercy from god to him on his 16th anniversary of his death.

CEBIT Technology Fair ended

“CEBIT Technology Fair” which was organized in Hannover, Germany where the TRNC was represented at the “North Cyprus” Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industrystand with the organization of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry ended.  4 companies attended the fair on behalf of the TRNC.

Secretary General of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Doğa Dönmezer stated that CEBIT Technology Fair is one of the most important technology platforms in the world and it is an opportunity to promote products in an effective way.

TRNC tourism promoted at “TUR 2015 Tourism Fair” in Sweden

Deputy Prime Ministry, Economy, Tourism, TUR exhibitionCulture and Sports Ministry attended “TUR 2015 Tourism Fair” held in Gothenburg, Sweden between 19-22 March.

Brochures including general information about the country were distributed to the visitors at the TRNC stand. Videos were also shown to visitors to promote the historical and natural beauty of North Cyprus.

TRNC Public Information Logo imageSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

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